Friday, October 25, 2013

7 Awesome Takes

Big thanks to Cari for hosting the best Friday link-up that I know of.

1) Speaking of Cari, I have read Pope Awesome and Other Stories and SO SHOULD YOU! What a great book. Cari was one of my very first favorite bloggers and she will always have a special place in my heart, or um, my feedly. If you've read her blog you know she has a talent for being incredibly hilarious and witty while at the same time managing to be deep and insightful- a talent I will never posses but love enjoying in the writings of other, better people. Pope Awesome is a love story, a story of conversion and it's loaded with so many hysterical and inspirational anecdotes from their experiences having children and just living family life. It will have you crying and cracking up- it is just great. If you haven't read her blog, you should most definitely head there and enjoy it yourself and while you are there click over and order your own copy of her delightful book. Or just click from here and get at it. 

2) This. This is happening:

And needs no other words...

but I always give you more than you bargain for here so...

3) I have a not-at-all secret obsession with walking through TJ Max while the girls are in catechesis on Thursdays because it is just not a place I will ever walk into alone with more than one child. So me and Lucy went yesterday after dropping the girls and we were just going return something and try not to buy anything else, try. Right. As soon as we walked in I noticed a wet spot on Lucy's pants that was growing by the second. I darted back to the baby clothing to grab a cheap pair of pants to replace the freshly wet through ones. Since I will never pay $10 on a pair of baby jeans when I just scored my own adult pair for that price, my search was proving to be unsuccessful, until I spotted these black leggings.... connected to a fleece pea-coat.... connected to a ridiculous billed beret.

The whole set for only a couple more dollars than a single pair of baby pants. Yes please. And in one purchase our fall and winter have been vastly improved.

4) Mike and I are going out on a date to see Gravity tonight. We have not been on a solo date to the movies is such a long time and I am so excited. I am not sure if I am more excited to be a going to a movie with Mike or to be a seeing a movie about outer space and I am in quite a jam about what date night attire should look like, but I am thinking this:

I plan on bringing all my outer space books with me so people know I'm not messing around. The taped glasses and the turtle neck should help too.

5) I made this bread recipe that I found on the Pinterest yesterday and it is pretty fabulous.

I used coconut oil instead olive oil since I am fresh out of it and left out the flax seeds, nuts and all the ginger stuff because I do not like ginger at all and maybe one or two other freakish ingredients. We have all eaten our fill and enjoyed greatly.

6) I know getting off of facebook is all the rage anymore, and I have thought about whether that is something I should do. I think if I were to give any form of social media up it would need to be blogging as it is the thing that sucks me in the most. I read this article this morning about how to not be insufferable with your facebook status updates and it made me equal parts self conscious about every status update I've ever done and happy that I have mostly stopped doing status updates.

7) Then I realized that my blog is pretty much one big, annoying status update. For that I am sorry.


  1. Don't you dare be sorry. And I'm amazed you dressed up for a take. That's real blogging commitment right there.

  2. Please, please go on your date night dressed like that! And #7 made me laugh because I was getting all superior about rarely ever leaving status updates on fb... But if you converted my blog posts to a shorter, status post version, they would be the most annoying and boring in the fb universe. Have a great weekend!

  3. That is the cutest little coat set!

  4. Such a cute coat and hat!! And a cute toddler model too :-)

  5. Really, Ana, coconut pumpkin carrot bread. You know my passion for all things coconut. And thank Naomi for the awesome scarecrow page that she colored-so magnificently! It's on the fridge! Love you guys.

  6. I don't post status updates on facebook but when I first read the #6 article I wanted to send it to everyone I know on facebook and ended up compromising by just sending it to my friends who aren't on facebook so as not to offend any facebook acquaintances......then I got worried that my blog is just an insufferable update as well! Am I an over-sharing hypocrite? I reassured myself by rationalizing that while status updates are blasted out willy nilly at everyone, people have to CHOOSE to pull up my blog and read it soooo I'm not being insufferable AT anyone, they are choosing to come to me so that's clearly different :)

  7. Ok, your thumbnail picture on the links is the best one out of the bunch. I love the nerd chic!