Wednesday, October 23, 2013

the goods

There are too many good link-ups today and always and I refuse to choose just one. Therefore I am linking with:

1) Coloring:

For the last 4.5 years of Naomi's existence I have proclaimed to all my friends at moms groups that Naomi was "just not into coloring!" I whined about how it would only hold her attention for approximately 3 seconds and she would be done and move on to something new, probably something that demanded something from me, and we can't have that! Anyways, it looks as if all my whining and complaining and and "woe is me that my daughter will not stay occupied with this wonderful quiet activity" rants have paid off and something has seriously clicked. It is the first thing she wants to do each morning and she could sit and color for hours, I tell you. Or at least minutes, but lots of minutes. It's just wonderful.

2) A free day:
^on free days we color in heels.

I may have mentioned before that Mike works from home. It is wonderful and I know I am so so super lucky. Unfortunately though, I am really spoiled by it and since today he took a Chicago bound jaunt to a conference and is not returning until late tonight, I have no idea what to do with myself and have decided to give myself a free day. No organized meals, no intense house work (because I am always doing intense house work... ha!), doing fun things with the girls like afternoon pumpkin carving and a movie and whatever the heck I want when they go to bed. It's pretty much off the hook. And scarily similar to every other day. Lord help me when he gets a job that takes him away from the house on a regular basis.

3) Jillian's Yoga Meltdown

Prior to doing this video I have always scoffed at yoga, but I have seen the light and formally apologize. This video is no joke and and left me feeling as sore as her others, plus I can do it once the girls are asleep at night without waking them with constant jumping.

4) Flannery O'Connor

I can't say yet whether this is a favorite, but I am thoroughly enjoying all that I have read so far. I had (shockingly!) never read any of her stuff before and my good friend Kathryn finally convinced me with all of her fabulous writing and it's been a good, albeit intense, experience so far.

5) And because I got dressed today and because I resurrected my favorite striped chunky warm sweater, here's what I'm wearing:

Top Half: Old Navy
Bottom Half: Target


  1. Isn't Flannery amazing? I'm always blown away by her stories.

    And, cute sweater!

  2. Life is beautiful once you find a quiet activities that ocuppy the kids for minutes at a time. That is until they drop crayons every where and the baby eats the crayons and then has funky, multi-colored poo. LOL

  3. Yay for coloring especially in heels!
    Another great outfit!

  4. I've tried that Jillian yoga workout....lets just say I've never successfully finished a workout with her. Its intense. I'm also a weeny though and prefer relaxing yoga.

  5. That sweater looks extremely cozy! Love the colored pants too!

  6. Love that chunky sweater! If I owned it, I would probably wear it every day!

  7. Love that sweater! So happy you've entered the crazy world of Flannery!

  8. Flannery O'Connor is awesome. There is a great book called the The Abbess of Andalusia: Flannery O'Connor's Spiritual Journey that is all about her Catholic faith and how it permeates her stories.

  9. COLORING! Seriously, isn't it the best? And thanks to the wonders of Google, I can pretty much type in "ANY RANDOM TOPIC coloring page" and come up with something that makes the kids think I'm a coloring page rockstar.
    It's a wonderful age we live in, I tell you.

  10. Flannery O'Connor and a striped sweater. You are a classy lady!

  11. Oh my gosh! I love your outfit it is so cute! You should post them more often!