Friday, November 1, 2013

Seven Saintly Takes

Joining Jen for some take of the saintliest nature!

1) An unquantified amount of sugar has been ingested by all female members of the South Bend Hahn family due to festive merrymaking in honor of this super-awesome feast.

2) I give you my very first, hopefully annual:

3) I have a long way to go with respect to my party planning abilities and my "lead children in fun things at a party" bone is broken because I made coloring books and left it at that.

4) When I thought about what my girls would say they thought Heaven is like, these things came to mind:
Copious coloring, candy corn, cookies, chocolate, and dum dums.
So that is what it entailed.

5) The girls were so very adorably excited to dress in their saint costumes, and I am so very embarrassingly the worst photographer in all the land:
Our Lady of Lourdes and Saint Bernadette.
And a clearer one including some friends with the cutest Saint James and Theresa of Avila in the world:
Ok, Bernadette is still fuzzy mcfuzzster.

6) I made these incred sugar cookies discovered from my Midwest Living magazine but which have a recipe home on Annie's Eats. I have never tasted a better sugar cookie in. my. life.
I want them all the time.

7) We don't do Halloween with our kids and I would say they are the poorest, most deprived of them all...
I hope your day was filled with as many good things as ours, have a wonderful evening!


  1. .. I am learning that more and more Catholics aren't doing Halloween. I'm almost there mostly due to a kid with too many food allergies, but our school celebrates and it's hard to escape it. Did you grow up with Halloween? I did but I think it's gotten more sinister and creepy over the years.. Looks like you had a pretty awesome party!

  2. We still do Halloween marginally but the Saints definitely shine more brightly in our home. Having a Heaven setting for the Saints party is genius!

  3. I would love to read a post on why you choose not to do Halloween. Seems to be the hot topic this week!