Thursday, October 31, 2013

Five Favorites

After my little rant about never cleaning on Monday, I decided I should probably use the realization of my total lack of domestic prowess as motivation to get on top of things and so I did. Sort of. This little baby is so wonderful and really helps with keeping things from getting too nasty without having to take the big vacuum out every day or resurrect the broom and dust pan from the depths of the garage, because it is so much work to really sweep a floor. But the main reason that I LOVE this thing is going to lead me to my next favorite...


There were a few comments on Monday's post about much easier life gets when you have older kids to help you clean things and they really encouraged me, both for the future and the present. Why wait until your kids are older? Naomi is a wiz with the above dust buster and the novelty and excitement of using it and having a daily chore to do had been so great. I also told her I would give her 50 cents a week if she does her daily chore. The best part is that in order for her to do her chore of dustbust the play room she has to first pick up and put away all the toys in the room, which she happily does and which renders the room cleaner during the day than it has ever been. I also realized that if I give both girls their own cleaning cloths and walk around the house spraying down our wood furniture, they will wipe down anything I tell them to. I know the novelty will wear off but for now I do not care, it is fabulous. Bernadette walked out after the above photographed cleaning sesh and asked if she "could do more choring". Like I said, fabulous.

3) Reading first words

This has been a week of firsts because along with the children genuinely pitching in to clean around here, Naomi read a few of her very first words. I have been sloooooowly slugging through this intensive phonics program with her-- like spending 4 weeks on 4 consonants slow-- and things have really started to seem like they are clicking. It is really fun and really crazy to see all the dots connecting in her little brain and see the work that I thought was going nowhere start to actually bear visible fruit. Meanwhile Bernadette has proclaimed herself the "real teacher" and is constantly ordering Naomi to write letters and words on the board that she has no idea about yet, but it is definitely preferable to the tantrums Bernadette was throwing daily when we started doing these lessons.

In tandem with the phonics program I listed above (which is SUPER intense and which I have had to dial down like 100 notches to bring it down to Naomi's level) I have been using these workbooks care of my wonderful mother-in-law and they are great. They are perfect for Naomi's pre-k age and she loves the activities. They kind of saved me from quitting doing lessons with her all together because the phonics stuff was overwhelming me so much, but these are really user friendly and not overwhelming at all.

This is my first time venturing into the world of gold spray paint (Jenny, I think of you every time I bust it out) and I fear that my life has been forever changed. I bought it to paint some gold roses for Naomi's Our Lady of Lourdes All Saints costume tomorrow, then it made its way on to her veil, and it is only because Bernadette refused to change her costume to Our Lady of Guadalupe that I have no reason to use it on her boring Saint Bernadette costume. So instead we went for a walk yesterday and collected pine cones to spray paint for a table center piece and I plan on buying more mini pumpkins to use it on today. I am a little bit obsessed. If you see me out and about you might want to keep your distance or just be ok with ending up with gold paint somewhere on your person.


  1. Explode the Code is my all-time favorite. I've used it with all my boys. The best. So glad you jumped on the chore band-wagon!! I was going to suggest getting some Swiffer dusters too. They will LOVE that and happily dust just about anything.

  2. Totally on the same wavelength today...after about 3 weeks of putting of chores my floors were I had to tackle them today. The kids asked to help, so I gave one the swiffer sweeper and one the swiffer duster and it was a beautiful sight to behold...all three of us working together (one is 5 and the other is 2), rather than me barking at them mid-sweep to stop scattering the toys again because I'm going to vacuum. I'm totally looking into the dust-buster vacuum because our big one is a bit unwieldy for them but especially my 5 year old is always asking to vacuum...gotta take advantage while he's still excited about it!
    Thanks for the post, as always!

  3. I remember using Explore the code!!! My Mom used it on only vague ish memory of it was that it was fun. But hey that's pretty good for a memory of something that I did more than 12 years ago. Lap up the girls helping you for as long as you possibly can! It is great! :) Just hope they never get the hint that they are not supposed to love it!

  4. I'm looking for a vacuum just like that! Writing your suggestion down...