Wednesday, December 11, 2013

5 Favorites!

The sweetest friend in all the world gifted these glorious Clarks to me a few weeks ago, and I am not going to lie: at least once I've planned to leave the house just so I can wear them out.
I paired them with 2 of my most recent favorite thrift store finds and was pleased enough to take a picture and link it up with the Pleated Poppy for fun. Oh thrifting, my long lost love how I miss having you be a weekly part of my life:

sweater vest: thrifted
white tee: Gap
jeans: Old Navy
plaid scarf: thrifted
favorite shoes ever: gifted

(Can someone please just tell me HOW to get picasa to stop making all my pictures look like I took them with my phone? They do not look horrid when I put them on my computer, is the answer to stop using stupid, awful, dumb picasa? Sorry, obviously picasa is NOT one of my favorites. Help would be mucho appreciated!)

And on to 2, 3, and 4, which have absolute nothing to do with my shoes or my thrift store clothing, except that they afford me the time to take pictures of my shoes:

Not to be confused with the entire movie, because I could barely sit through the whole thing as a high schooler, let alone a 3 and 4 year-old trying to, but the music machine feature in the "extras"? Completely and totally worth buying the above listed DVD set, and the link I just gave is apparently selling it for $10 on Amazon, which is way cheaper than when we got it. It provides an entire hour of JUST the songs from the movie (!!!) so.... Christmas gift for both mom and the kids!

I really love these little videos. They are pretty much an exact telling of the Beatrix Potter stories and are so quiet and peaceful-- the exact opposite of every other video we own. I try to push them being viewed over everything else because even when the dogs eat all of Jemima Puddle Duck 's eggs things are oddly calm and peaceful.

I am really embarrassingly overly excited about discovering that you can find these things on Amazon, because for the past 5 years we've just been lucking out and finding them at our local awesome thrift store. I am planning on getting this Peter Pan one for Naomi's birthday to stick with the pirate ship themed cake that she already has picked out (her birthday is not until late March). They are only 25 minutes long and have 2 songs from the featured movie and then a mix of songs from other Disney movies.We only own those that have movie from the Beauty and the Beast era and older, because I am weirdly very anti newer Disney movies for no good reason at all.

And lastly but not at all least:

5: My sweet friend from college, Allison, wrote this wonderful post along with her exciting announcement and anyone who has struggled with openness to life should most definitely give it a read. It is really beautiful. 

I went home to take a pregnancy test that turned out positive. And this time around, although I am still scared of how it will all work out, I am thankful. Thankful that God has believed in me enough to grant me the opportunity to raise some saints. Thankful that so far I have two beautiful, healthy children and an amazing, supportive husband.  Thankful that I am making peace with this exhausting, diaper-filled way of life with 3 kids under the age of 4.
And thankful because I am starting to fully realize my purpose in this life: to raise saints and help my husband get to Heaven. In this, my vocation, there is peace.


  1. 4 - Oh my goodness, I was *so* excited to introduce my kiddOs to the Disney SingAlongs recently. And now, I will have to go out in search of the Beatrix Potter one as well - we already love the books. =)

  2. I love your Clarks!! They make the best shoes; comfy/cute/well-made (my husband loves his Clarks too haha). And thanks for sharing that beautiful post about being open to life.

  3. Aw MAN! Sound of Music "temporarily out of stock". Go figure! That is a steal and I really want them to only know the songs, not the whole Nazi history - yet, kwim? LOVE the shoes!! I have a pair of clarks that I adore. They really are great shoes. About Picasa - not sure? I used to use it...try using (it's a free photoshop type program that you can get at You can save your pics as a .PNG file which usually looks much better than JPG. And just make sure you are uploading pics that are about 600 pixels, or as wide as your blog width lets you..the less resizing, the less blurry/pixely. Ok. Hope any of that makes sense. Sorry if it doesn't! Feel free to e-mail me. =)

  4. Oh the Beatrix Potter DVDs! They are a favorite in our house and we've been checking them out from the library on an almost bi-weekly basis. My middle baby is going to be super excited Christmas morning--I have a feeling St. Nick will be dropping him off his very own complete set that he may or may not have scored new in the box on Amazon for $10! He's always asking to watch the Tom Kitten show, so cute :)

  5. You should try PicMonkey. Its an online photo editor that I've had good luck with. You could also try Pixler that one can get a little more advanced (kinda like Photoshop) :-)

    LOVE Clarks! I have a couple pairs of their shoes and LOVED them when I was pregnant.

  6. Oh picasa. I know what you mean.
    But this is coming from a non-owner of a fancy cam. I take all my pix via my iPhone. Sad.

    Love your clarks. :)

  7. Adding those boots to my eBay watch list ...

  8. My 3-year-old got the complete Beatrix Potter set of books for her birthday and ADORES them (just read Squirrel Nutkin for our naptime book, actually). My mom brought her copy of the DVDs when she came to help with our newborn and they are wonderful. I was so delighted to see they are essentially a verbatim video presentation of the stories. And we don't have the blu ray edition, but we did just introduce our 3 year and 20 month old to Sound of Music a month or two ago and they've been singing aloud all over the house!