Monday, December 2, 2013

life lessons

Because mistakes make us who we are, or some other stupid cliche.
Let's go down the list of some life lessons learned this fine Monday:

Life lesson #1: don't stay up late drinking wine on a Sunday, even if you're not drinking too much wine, either way, it will never feel good the next morning. Ever.

Life lesson #2: always remember that children have a telepathic gift for knowing when one of the adults responsible for their livelihood has stayed up way too late, and will therefore always wake up absolutely no later than 6:20.

Life lesson #3: a trip out to the store with all small peoples while in exhausted early woken state may be inadvisable.

Life lesson #4: a subsequent trip to the Library (a veritable death trap for all mothers of young, spirited children to go sans an extra a adult) after the store is most definitely inadvisable.

Life lesson #5: bringing a bag to put your obscene multiple handfuls of books in would be a good idea while trying to hold 2 hands and 1 small body.

Life lesson #6: not all terrified looking bystanders are angry and judgemental about you and all your kids, but are just interested in helping you with your ridiculous amount of books falling all over the place. Thank you, sweet security guard.

Life lesson #7: when a truck rams into your van's rear end upon leaving the library, it is a good idea to STAY at the scene of the accident and NOT just grab a few random bits of insurance info and then drive off, even if all the kids are screaming.

Life lesson #8: sometimes you will get lucky and the guy who hits you will not lie and say he didn't, because some people are just good people. Thank you, Denis.

Life lesson #9: Not working out for weeks on end will most definitely feel like you haven't worked out in weeks on end when you up and decide to do a Jillian workout. Ouch.

Life lesson #10: red wine and You've Got Mail is the cure for all Monday ailments. That and cyber Monday shopping.


  1. That security guard saved me, too! Even though Ryan made off with a book while I was trying to explain why the toys I returned were so late, she came up to us mid-tantrum and played with him! Bless her heart. Seriously. Sorry about the van!

  2. Oh man, sounds like quite the Monday!

  3. Sorry about your van, Yay for good guys!
    Wishing you a better day tomorrow!

  4. Sorry for your rough days, but I'm glad you had some good spots along the way.
    It's funny how your 6:20 was bad for you; at our house it is totally sleeping in! I've had kids up since 5:30 and would LOVE if they slept that late, but I totally get that your norm and my norm are different - I'm not trying to tell you to buck up. :)

  5. Oh man...sorry about the accident, but thank God for honest people.

  6. That is the Monday to end all Mondays! Glad you are all okay and I hope the damage to the car wasn't too bad. And there will come a day when you are blasting your children out of bed at 8/9/10:00 in the morning because you have been up for hours and they are still sleeping.

  7. Sorry about your van! I hope it wasn't too badly damaged. I'm glad you had You've Got Mail, that can make the worst days salvageable, esp with wine.

  8. The most important life lesson of all is # 10!!! Plus that photo of you at the end is super cute!!! Good for you doing a Jillian workout as well... I have been avoiding her like the plauge lately because I'd rather not know how out of shape I am.

  9. Sorry about your van and your Monday in general. But it sounds like you were surrounded by kind people! Here's to a better Tuesday.

  10. Is it awful that I read about your library adventure and thought "that's why I'm not going to the library this week! It's too much!"

    Even with two kids outings are hard, bravo to you for doing it with three! I am also avoiding the grocery store today, even though we are in dire need of things, nothing good can happen out there!! :)

  11. Oh you poor woman. The library is purgatory enough without adding a car smash up. Enjoy that wine, you earned it!

  12. I am sorry about your van- cheers to Denis! Thanks for the great laugh though. Now a toast to you and your awesomeness from this crazy lady down in Alabama.

  13. Absolutely yes to #4! I don't know how other moms go w/ young kids regularly- I dread having to go inside w/ both girls b/c everything gets crazy and I always drop our books. You definitely deserved a big goblet of wine after that day!