Friday, January 3, 2014

7 Quick Takes

So glad to be joining Jen again for some takes of the quickest variety.

1) Lucy has lost it.

She's gone and turned toddler on me and she has joined the ranks of screamer/tantrumer/always too volatile small females in the home. Sometimes Mike and I will just look at each other like "what the heck has happened and are they all going to be like this?" Her sweet, calm little disposition which previously reigned gave us hope for the future of human society or at least hope for the future of our offspring but now we can't quite find it, or at least the "calm" element we've lost. She cray cray.

2) You know it's a good day that starts with you walking outside at 7 a.m. in your pajamas, in negative degree weather, with no shoes on, in at least 5 inches of snow to scream at your neighbor for firing up his snow blower that sounds approximately like a jet engine flying back and fourth on his drive way. That is how yesterday started and as I stood begging him to turn it off because he had already woken up the 2 older crazies and God help me if he awakens the beast that is Lucy (see above takes) I think- no I know- tears came to my eyes in my earnest pleas. And he refused. He woke her up. He refused to turn it off because apparently blowing the entire thing could not wait until 8 a.m. and using a shovel was out of the question. I felt the craziest I have ever felt in my SAHM career but its ok now because he offered the blower to Mike later in the day which both of us took as a peace offering and 7 a.m. rolled around today with nary a jet engine audible.

Sorry for that one, I hope you just skipped it.

3) I started this at 7 this morning, it's now almost noon and I doubt if it gets posted before 5 p.m. BUT, we did venture out into the 5 degree weather to sludge through the snow into our favorite grocery store/place of donuts and it was grand.

I debated non stop about whether the prep to get into the car and from the car into the store and store back to car was worth it and in the end I think desperate times call for desperate measures. Cabin fever is in full swing, people.

4) I made oreo truffles the other day to serve to some friends who were coming over on New Year's Eve (In case you aren't aware, that means I combined 1 package of cream cheese with 1 1/2 packages of ground oreos, as Mike described them: "Oreos but less healthy").  Then a change to the plan made it so that the friends had to come over on New Year's day instead of it's Eve leaving me with no less than 30 truffles at my disposal for 24 hours. This naturally lead to me popping them like they were those super healthy energy bites people were making all the time a couple years ago. It was disgusting and glorious all at the same time and miraculously there were still enough left to serve to our friends, but only because they brought some dessert too. I'm gross.

5) The happiest of anniversary's to my beautiful parents!

8 kids and 26 grandchildren later and still just as hot now as you were back then. I love you guys!

6) My friend Kathryn has written a great piece on the Coke ad that was everywhere on facebook recently, I highly recommend it. If you haven't watched it, head over to her post, watch it and then read her wonderful reflection on the video- you will not regret it!

7) Very late in coming, here is our Christmas family picture snapped by my sweet sister-in-law, who was so very nice as to take all pictures that I wanted to take at my parent's house because I never. remembered. my camera.

4:49 and I am about to hit "publish"- boooyah! Hit up Jen for more and happy new year!


  1. I am so proud that you went out there and asked that dude to turn it off! But super disappointed he did not listen to you.

    The craziest I got is when I marched into a neighbor's yard, 8 months pregnant in a bathrobe, and SCREAMED at him to turn down that damn music b/c "it's so late and if I don't sleep now, I won't for the next 30 years."

    Amazingly, he was very sympathetic, agreed with me, turned off the music, and went to bed.

  2. I love your family picture! Great job getting all 3 of your kids to look at the camera at the same time - mine never manage it without eyes closing. And I am feeling your pain on take number one. Our two-year-old has somehow lost his previously mellow disposition and has gained one with a much higher volume capacity to go with his tantrums. It's so not fun. I'm surprised the neighbor's dogs don't howl when he's in full fit.

  3. How do you get your long hair to look so gorgeous? Jealous!

    And, we once lived in an apartment that faced a long narrow parking lot. Without fail, the garbage truck would always come at my baby's nap time--and he would back into the parking lot with his BEEP, BEEP, BEEEEEEEP warning horn going, for a murderous 50 yards until he reached the dumpster at the other end. Men who make noise in the name of productivity while a child is sleeping... nearly intolerable.

  4. I can't stop myself either when there are bite sized treats in the house!

  5. I just discovered something called Tiger Bark. Google it. It takes all of 5 minutes to make and it is the bomb. You can thank me later. Or not.....

  6. My little girl just turned 2 and she has a lot of opinions. Not something I'm used to since we had two boys first. At least I know from you this is all normal ;)

  7. Just started reading your blog & really enjoying it so far! I've got two little girls (1 and 2 1/2) and my youngest is starting to throw tantrums already! Oh, joy - two moody princesses in the house! Hang in there. I have a feeling we may just come out of this adventure alive. ;)

  8. Great family picture! Sorry Lucy is having a rough transition to toddlerhood; hope it levels out soon.

  9. Snow blower man would've seen my toaster flying at his head at 7am. Never, ever, ever, wake my baby up.

  10. I feel you on #2. Apartment living has not brought out my best. The guy below us showers at 5 in the morning and he uses the light that has the vent instead of the plain light. The vent vibrates our entire apartment. Sleep is the most valuable currency to me at this point...and I'm flat broke.

    Love your guys' Christmas photo! You are all so gorgeous. And your parents? Wow, they age well!