Saturday, January 11, 2014

7 tardy takes

Joining Jen and the long list of lovely prompt quick takers this Saturday evening. 

1) Earlier this week I wrote an entire post about the crazy snow and how trapped in the house I was feeling, which is bad for a mom who stays at home all day every day. By the end of the post I was so annoyed with myself that I deleted it, and I'll just take care of it in this one take- being stuck in the house is rough and the girls and I were utterly giddy at the prospect of going out to a restaurant for dinner last night. Cabin fever comes for us all, we're just trying to not let it kill us.

2) On Thursday once the temperatures finally got to where they weren't dangerous for little people with delicate skin, hell even old people with hearty skin like myself, to romp in I sent the girls outside for one of their spend-30-minutes-getting-bundled-and-15-minutes-playing-in-the-snow excursions and they lapped it up. They might have even stayed out there for a whole 20.

The snow was so deep that they wouldn't have been able to walk in it, so Mike dug out a super fun path through the yard with a big circle that kind of made it look like an alien spaceship had landed there. He's the funnest dad there is.

Enough snow talk, onto more important things

3) Kayla put together a great round up of some seriously cute head gear over on Babble in honor of national hat day, and I stand in awe of the adorable hats so many ladies are able to pull off so well. I on the other hand am in there with my ever-so-boring grey beanie because my head is abnormally large and I look absolutely redic in any other type of hat. She was sweet to squeeze me in anyhow. Head over and check it out!

4)  In case anyone wants in on some advertising, ALL of my spots are open! Everybody calm down and don't run at once, I have a feeling you'll get a spot if you want one.

5) My dad turns 60 next month and will be celebrating with a bash fit for the familial king that he is and all of my siblings and I will be going back for his partay, it is going to off the hook. But let's get to the point- why I am posting about this more than a month early? Vellllll I am going to be driving to Steubie with my little sister: with no children, NOT EVEN LUCY. And I am already having mini hyperventilations about leaving her for 2 nights, which is ridiculous because she is well over a year, but what can I say? Nothing, I am just annoying.

6) I am, however, super excited to have extra time with my parents and my siblings, especially because we are planning on recreating an awkward family photo. If you have seen any of these recreations, GO HERE and look, they are hysterical. I think we're leaning toward trying this one out:

7) Done.


  1. On Monday I spent 2 hours trying to convince my two oldest that it was TOO COLD to play outside. Hubs bundled them up and threw them out there, and it really didn't take too long for them to realize that mom wasn't nuts after all!

  2. Oh my goodness, I must see the family photo remake, that will be classic! I especially love the floaty alien effect in the above photo.

    Also, the digging out a path idea is great! We're meanies and just tell the boys it toughens them up to tromp through knee-high snow, lol!

  3. I cannot wait for your photo recreation!! But I'm staring at this pic and I can't tell, which one are you??

  4. Love the picture idea, and I wait in eager anticipation of the re-do. Do you have twin little sisters? The babies in the pic look really close in age and I'm all things twin obsessed, so pardon my obnoxiousness.

    1. No! You are never obnoxious, only awesome. And no, they're not twins, just 13 months apart, but eeeeeeeverybody asked my mom if they were for at least the first 5 years of their lives.

  5. Oh my goodness - I totally picked you out in the photo because it looks so much like Naomi!! How funny. I definitely do not mind living in Atlanta during these months, where I can send my boys outside. I remember South Bend from my sister's college days and in addition to the snow, there seemed to be lots of cloudy and very little sunny during the winter. Hang in there. My Mom just turned 70 and all my siblings and I drove up to NC to surprise here - she had no clue and it was beyond awesome. She cried and decided it was the best birthday she ever had. Totally worth all the hours in the car for that. And I love being with my siblings so much - especially sans spouses and kids. I love all my in-laws, but there is something awesome about just us.

  6. I literally LOL'ed at the title of this post. After two weeks of posting my 7QT on Saturday, I think I may have to start referring to the posts as "tardy takes," as well!