Wednesday, January 15, 2014

thoughts from the abyss

Of my brain, that is.

Does anyone else's hair fall a super weird way on one side and a nice way on the other, making it constantly look like you decided to only fix one side of your hair that day? Mine does, it's lamerson.

I have discovered that if I sit on the kitchen floor right next to the fridge I never have to move (unless someone screams from the bathroom), I can always placate them with a cheese stick or throw an apple at them or something- it's perfect. I may consider bringing in a pillow or investing in one of those bean bag chairs for this spot.

I could literally eat an entire 4 pack of Jello chocolate puddings in one sitting. Literally.

I've heard a bunch of times that once you have a 5-year-old things get a whole bunch easier because they can help out and as I approach the upcoming celebration of my first born's birth I am assuming that this is just a miracle that takes place ON the birthday itself. Let's just say I do not see any dishwasher unloading in her future and she still makes it a point to wash her hair in the sink and fill up the tooth brush holder with water and make a colossal mess almost every time I send her to the bathroom unattended and I am thinking we'll be in this boat for a while.

I'm pretty sure that I cry during children's books more than most people, but if you want a good cry during a really great children's book, I would hop to it and buy The Clown of God right now! It is my new very favorite children's book ever and I ask the girls if I can read it to them because I love it so. I had hopes of joining Hallie for Favorites today just so I could include it but then I couldn't think of 4 more and I thought it would be unacceptable to just put the "Clown of God" for 1-5.

Mike has starting reading the girls a book series called Tales of the Kingdom and Tales of the Resistance and they really love them. The only thing is that they have started living in the characters of the people in the book and now only call each other "Hero" and "Princess Amanda" and refer to me mostly as "Mercy" and Mike as "Care Taker". It makes it hard to have any serious conversations with them especially since Naomi talks in a low man voice while in her character. One day they will be serious all the time and full of angst and I will miss these days so I am letting is go and liking it.

If I make this coffee cake I WILL eat it all. I can't stop opening the recipe and staring, it is only a matter of time. 

How in the name of all things good and decent is it only 5 o'clock?

Someone is screaming from the bathroom and I must move, time to publish NOW!


  1. I love that you wrote that you sit on the kitchen floor by the fridge. If we lived closer I would hang out with you there. And it is only 4:13 here...trying to make it to 5!

  2. Haha, the kitchen floor by the fridge really is the perfect spot. And the kids would never wander far away for too long honestly.

  3. Tales of the Kingdom and of the Resistance are THE best!!!

    Also, my hair is weird too. One side is gorgeous and the other side is pretending it's the side I slept on... no comprendo!

  4. This is funny.. When I am pregnant I am known to lie on the kitchen floor while children dance around me for exactly those reasons... You don't have to move really to placate children..

    These days, I am parking it on the couch wondering how it is only Jan. 15th.. IT should totally be in the 20s at least..

  5. We got Philomena Clown of God for Christmas...and I cry every. single. time.

  6. Oh good, so mine isn't the only kid who fills up the toothbrush holder with water. Although lately, she's been on a soap kick. I keep finding it everywhere.

  7. My hair always flips out on one side and in on the other. It drives me crazy.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the book. Adding it to my wish-list now!

  8. My hair is weird in the back. The front ends will curl perfectly and then I get this odd gap towards the bottom back because it flips out instead of under. Annoying. And that coffee cake looks amazing. Making it. And I'm not sure about the 5th birthday being magical. But the year between 5 and 6 is pretty life changing. She will become an actual person instead of a needy toddler/preschooler. Seriously. 6 year olds are my favorite age.

  9. Oh my hair….allllllways has done the thing with the thing that does it’s own thing all over the place. I hate it. That’s why I am determined to keep it long for as long as I can now.

    Is that enough repeating myself?? On another note, i will have to check out The Clown of God. Sounds good!