Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I really do love being pregnant

First and most randomly, it is always a good morning that finds me waking up to my face on the Colbert Report. It's happened all too often (it's only happened this once) and it's always wonderful:

Just let me bask in my 15 minutes of unintentional, anonymous fame (soooo not fame at all). No one has a clue who is in the picture and I am looking down most likely sleeping and not praying most devoutly like like Lauren or Kristen, who are also in the picture. In my preppy cardigan when my hair used to get curly when I wanted it to-- those were the days. The full video is here.

Now to the real business of this post-- let's talk about this 4th pregnancy for a hot second (and by hot second I do mean the entire blog for the duration of the pregnancy), but for today, I just mean one second.

First I will put it out there that I know I am a wimp. I know that so many other women have it hard- and like, actually hard- not "things aren't easy like I want them to be so I am going to complain as much as I can" hard. We have a healthy baby, things have been complication free, I am not vomitting all day every day, I am not on bed rest, really and truly I know I have it so SO good.

I am just a leetle thrown off by how different and more difficult this pregnancy has been than my others, let's not even call this complaining, just the facts. I'm just gonna blog it out.

Always, always by 23 weeks I am feeling a lot better, i.e.:
+ nausea is gone
+ some energy is back
+ I start sleeping a little bit better for a little while
+ life does not feel like it is crashing down on my head and I can come out of survival mode for a few weeks before trimester 3 rears its ugly head.

However, with this 4th gestation I'm:
+ still filling my and using zofran prescription for the nausea that won't quit,
+ napping every single day even though most days both older girls are not (who needs parental supervision?) Or if not napping laying in a lifeless heap on the couch while children escape from their bedrooms and ask me for things that I refuse to get them.
+ I have self-diagnosed myself with an irritable uterus (super flattering, I know) which just means loads and loads of more then just uncomfortable Braxton Hicks all the live long day (since I was about 13 weeks).
+ The wonders of pregnancy insomnia continue to plague me in the form of wake-up-to-pee-and-lay-in-bed-staring-at-the-clock-for-2-hours most nights.

^ I would attempt to kick the coffee, but then I would surely die.

Again, I know! It's pregnancy, it's life! Get over it, Ana. And I am... trying. This isn't even intended to be an "I hate being pregnant" post, I actually love being pregnant, or at least I love housing a new life and I love feeling the baby move and knowing that my body is doing such an amazing, miraculous thing. I love it! I used to say that I "hated being pregnant", but now I want to slap myself for that because I am so blessed to be fertile and to be able to be pregnant with healthy babies and carry them to term. But it is hard, and is does wear me down so many days.

However, I do have at least 16 weeks left and can't just lay down and let the rough parts dominate, so I will continue to try to improve things where I can and try to shut it and not complain too much. I just ordered this Blood Builder on Grace's recommendation and am somewhat committed to earlier bed times for myself to get more sleep on the front end because I don't think there is anything I can do about insomnia except to go to bed earlier (please tell me I am wrong).

And please, if you feel so inclined, teach me some more!
I would love for these days to feel more normal and enjoyable and less like a blur that I will surely not remember because I was half asleep during them.

For way more edifying blog content, go share in Grace's joy and her wonderful baby news.


  1. You're such a cutie pie. And Blood Builder is THE BEST. You're going to feel like a new woman. Promise. xoxox

  2. Ana you must try this!!! I keep a bag by my bed and since insomnia hits me hard during pregnancy too, I have been relying on it multiple times per week. Last night after going pee the 3rd time, and realizing that I had forgot to send some emails, I could NOT get back to sleep. I pinched a little sleepy dust and was out before it dissolved in my mouth. Sugar + Salt = Sleep. No joke. I have been using this stuff for over a year and I never remember what happens after I take it, because I'm always asleep!

  3. Ugh I feel ya. I do not like being pregnant at all. AT ALL. I am 36 weeks with my 2nd and LAST. I want to sleep (never again, I know), I want to eat without puking, I want to DRINK ALL OF THE BEER. Means to an end for me.

  4. lol I hate being pregnant and I'm not even going to try and deny it. I admit that I'm lucky that I have a healthy baby...but the whole pregnancy thing is just plain exhausting and uncomfortable. If it makes you feel better, I like reading these posts. It makes me feel like I'm not alone in my discomforts and not enjoying it. Also, being exhausted while you have other children to take care of...I don't even need to say anything. It's just plain difficult.

    Hope you start feeling better soon (or at least the nausea part ;-)

  5. Ahhh, what a nightmare. Sorry it's still continuing. My fourth has been my toughest, too! At first I thought it was because this was a girl, but reading your posts make me realize that was silly. I haven't found much that helps me throughout the day except exercising early - really helped me feel much better. However, do I do it very often? No. Good luck with the next 16 wks!!

  6. Oh, Ana I love that you made it on the Colbert Report. Way to represent! Also, I don't have any meaningful advice, but congratulations on your little BOY coming soon. I hope all the insomnia, ect. subsides and it all goes by quickly. Still really enjoy reading your blog. :) Love, Diana

  7. Thanks for sharing that Colbert Report! I loved the reference to the Colosseum! :) Hahaha.

    And it's okay to complain about pregnancy. It's far from comfortable, no matter how many (or few) complications there are. Hang in there!

  8. I used magnesium and blood builder on Grace's recommendation for my 4th and it helped so much, totally gave me a well-being feeling & energy.

  9. First time commenting! I have six children, four boys and two girls, and the pregnancies varied wildly according to gender. I am very sick with them all (at least one rehydration at the ER every pregnancy and eight for the twins!), but the girl pregnancies are harder for me. The nausea lasted til the 24 week mark and I was even more tired. I always nap in the first trimester, but as I age (now 36) the napping carries on right til the end of the pregnancy. I actually welcome it as I am unable to nap when not pregnant. I find that the only thing that helps with the insomnia is to turn those clocks around (or cover them) and eat something. Bananas really help as does milk. Often our blood sugar drops at around 3am and the adrenalin comes rushing in to deal with the drop. Perhaps a nice carbohydrate before bed? (Yes, permission to eat more.). Overall, I would say that the greater difficulty of this pregnancy is probably due to a little boy gestating in there, the gender really does make a difference. Thanks for the great blog. I check regularly from the wilds of the canadian north (Ontario, near Madonna House). The end. Elena

  10. Wow, you are famous! What is that photo from and how did it end up on the Colbert Report? How did you find out it was going to be on tv?