Thursday, May 1, 2014

Successes and Fails

Because every week is full of both.


Success: I woke up this morning and decided that I should take all three girls to morning Mass. Why? 1) I was in such a pregnant emotional funk and knew I needed to just pull it together and get us out, and me especially OUT of my crazy pregnant head and it would be good. And 2) It is the feast of Saint Joseph the worker and (surprise!) we have decided on naming our newest addition "Joseph" so I really wanted to make a big deal out of it for the girls and for me. It actually worked, getting them ready and in the car, that is.

Fail: We drove down the street to the parish we live super close to only to realize that it was Thursday and a little while ago they changed the morning Mass to an evening Mass soooo.. no Mass there. Naomi begged for me to go to another church because (shocker!!) she was really excited to go to Mass and so I went with it and drove several miles farther to another parish I knew had an 8:30 a.m. service We walked in, surveyed the tiny living room that Mass was held in, listened to the audible laughter from a few older folks at Lucy's immediate tantrum at the prospect of being confined in the tiny room, and turned around and walked out. Then we drove home. The end, no Mass for us.


Success: I think this amber teething necklace might actually be helping a bit!

An amazing sweet friend sent one our way after having a lot of success with it and I have literally not taken it off Lucy since it arrived. I have noticed a marked decrease in how much she grabs at her mouth and a definitely decrease in the tooth grinding and gum bleeding. SO... success!

Fail: Lucy has started imitating her sisters (or ahem, Bernadette's) tantrums and now goes above and beyond anything I have ever seen from a 19 month old in this house, complete with a dive head first out of her crib in the midst of a major fit yesterday. The dive out shocked her out of the tantrum, but the aftermath was so, so sad and pretty worrisome, but in the end she was fine and hopefully learned some sort of lesson. I am just sad that amber necklaces don't help with emotional events such as we're seeing from her these days. C'est my life.


Fail to Success: I made this granola the other day and seriously overcooked it. So I tried it again today and did a much better job. In my opinion, it is the best I have tasted. Ever:

Fail: I gave a bowl of it to each of the girls only to be given each of their bowls back to me to finish consuming because they absolutely very strongly disliked it. This could be considered a success since now I don't have to share??


Success: In another effort to drag myself out of today's funk I decided to try my hand at some productivity by doing some laundry, cleaning a bathroom and doing some kitchen cleaning.

Fail: I was feeling pretty good about myself and almost done cleaning the kitchen when Bernadette saunters in, looks around and lets me know that "This kitchen is a mess! Yucky crumbs and food everywhere!" and that I "really should work on cleaning it."

Thanks, toots.


Success: It is finally not winter anymore! Or in South Bend's case, we will call it at success that it hasn't snowed in a few weeks. BUT...


Get it together South Bend
I know blogging about the weather is the lamest of lame, but methinks if you live in South Bend (or Canada, we'll give it to Canadians) you get a free pass to complain via in internets about the stupid weather. I just don't know if I can cope with one more cold, cloudy, rainy day. I just don't know...

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  1. Those tantrums are so hard, aren't they? My two year old can throw some bad ones. I've been scared of her somehow getting out of the crib during a tantrum, but the other day she somehow gave herself a black and blue eyelid from her anger issues. We're still not sure how she did it.

    We tried to go to Mass at a different parish the other day, to also realize it would be in a very small chapel...we knew we couldn't stay!

  2. I'm always telling my 5 year old that the reason his 2 year old sister does these things he hates is because he does them and she sees him. You think she learned this nonsense herself? Nope, she has brothers for that. I need them all on perfect behavior before they teach the baby to misbehave.

  3. I don't think complaining about weather is lame at all. If it was 47 degrees and raining here, I would totally be complaining/blogging about it.

    That granola looks delish by the way!

  4. Okay, I totally read the baby name like this, "name the baby boy, Hahn Joseph" Hahahahahaha. I seriously thought for a split second that he was going to be Hahn Joseph Hahn!

    Now that I'm not an idiot, Joseph is an A+ name.

    Such a funny post, Ana! You're great.

  5. Baby boy Joseph! I love it! Happy Feast Day, little dude!

  6. Joseph - love it!
    The weather is the worst here (KC) too. It is definitely making my pregnant funk worse, because not being able to give my boys outdoor time is torture.
    That is one classy granola container.

  7. Joseph is a great name!

    And I have to say I completely and totally underestimated the tantrums female children can throw....and then God sent me my own precious female baby and sat back and laughed. Tahlia is just 17 months but holy cow, yesterday she kept gesturing toward the freezer (where we hide the chocolate) saying "more! more!" and when I said "no, no Tahlia, you may not have chocolate" she threw her head back and started crying like I'd broken her arm! Then came the writhing and body throwing and the continuous stream of crocodile tears. Fortunately God gave me two little boys before my girl so my reaction to tantrums is to laugh and say "haha, isn't that so cute, it's her first tantrum!" My poor adoptive 12 year old was a little shocked at both her sister's sudden tantrum/demon-possession and my reaction. But still, girls....definitely better tantrum-throwers than boys.

    So all that to say I guess, enjoy the boy wussy-tantrum-thrower you have headed your way! :)

  8. My 18 month old is having the crazy tantrums, too. I keep telling myself it's a phase, but I hope it's a short phase or we might all end up going to bed each day by 2pm.

  9. In my very limited experience, boys have more shouting and throwing things, and the girls (just over two) do waaaay more melodramatic floor-writhing and shrieking. So I think there's a sort of balance.

    I'm in Canada. This winter has been stupidly brutal, and I'm still waiting for it to warm up properly. Usually it's no-jacket weather by now. Where has spring gone?