Friday, July 18, 2014

7 Quick Takes!!

Linking up with Mrs. Fulwiler this fine Friday, because it's been way too long. 

1) I mentioned before that I am reading a book about an Olympic runner turned World War II POW, which I am just about done with and I have absolutely loved. I decided to read it on Jenna's recommendation and am so glad I did because 1) I am maybe a little too into anything concerning World War II and 2) it just so happens that Mrs. Jolie-pitt went ahead and directed a film about the book set to come out this December and I am kind of freaking out with excitement about it. Here's the trailer I got to see during a movie date night with Mike this week, just try not to read the book after watching this thing:

2) I am a little overwhelmed with every emotion possible about coming to the end of this pregnancy. Let's go over some of them, shall we?
  • Completely and total elation about the prospect of not being pregnant anymore. 
  • Anger that I am still pregnant.
  • Total cluelessness about the prospect of birthing and rearing a small male. 
  • So much excitement over having a boy resulting in... 
  • an impatient eagerness for him to JUST BE HERE! 
  • Followed closely by utter terror about the idea of having 4 small humans to care for which prompts me to tell him to just stay put for a little while longer. 
  • Such intense joy over being blessed with four beautiful lives.
  • Emotional and sad when I think about it not being just me and the girls anymore.
I run the gamut of every emotion I could feel about this whole thing pretty much every day. Luckily Mike is completely used to being married to a basket case.

3) On an unrelated note, baby Joseph stands pretty much no chance at not being dressed up like a female. I will give him $5 if he makes it to his 1st birthday, which for a 1-year-old is like, $100.

4) I am super duper sad to be missing Edel next week. I will probably just have to stay away from all the social media during that time so I don't just spend the weekend crying. That is a slight exaggeration and I am sure I will be fine, but as a long time karaoke lover and niece of the world's best karaoke jockey (that's right, it's in the family), I am especially sad to not be making a fool of myself time and time again at the microphone with all you fun, sweet ladies. 

5) With that said, I have gone ahead and declared confinement again. I am generally the type to want to get out of the house as much as possible, but these days I have no interest in going anywhere that is outside the confines of this home, or off of this couch for that matter. Everyone I see in public has been really sweet about me being so hugely pregnant with 3 kids in tow, but it is obviously still pretty shocking for them, no matter how much sweetness they proceed to muster up.

I don't mind the stares as much as I mind my own sheer panic at the thought of their not being a bathroom within 5 feet of me at all times. It really is a terrifying prospect.

6) This pretty much sums me up entirely right now:

A slight improvement on Chris Farley a few years ago, but still pretty rough. Obviously I am relating to the Elizabeth Banks character, in case that didn't go without saying.

7) I am about to go make this bread for the second time this week, and I highly recommend it (replace the 2 oils with coconut oil and butter, you will not be sorry). It is really SO good.



  1. I read that book about a year ago. It was outstanding, but pretty graphic-probably adding to your emotional pregnant state.

  2. That scene from What to Expect is hilarious - love that movie! Bread question - do you put the candied ginger in it? I don't think I've ever even purchased that.

  3. HA to the $5 is like $100 comment. I remember those days!!
    Too bad my $5 bills don't go that far...