Sunday, July 6, 2014

These Days

Howzabout a little post about the current state of things at casa Hahn. The mom blogger must memorialize all that she can via the interwebs, or she wouldn't be a mom blogger.

These days are...

+ Long: I feel like I start every day with this dreadful feeling of "how the heck are we going to make it to  10 a.m. let alone nap/rest time" and so I set the girls in the play room and desperately try to get more sleep until the 7:30 protest for breakfast begins. Sound too dramatic? It is, it really is. But I tell you what, this baby I am bearing is sitting pretty right. on. my. bladder. And even though I am fairly vigilant about no drinks for mama past 7 p.m., not even a tiny sip of water, I am still rushing to the WC every 2 hours on the hour like I drank a 40 right before bed. It be redic. Hence the waking and feeling like I just won't make it and jonesing for more sleep.

+ Too short: Then I get to the end of the day and in my pregnant, emotional, "everything is about to change" state I walk into the girls rooms once they are slumbering and wish I had had a few more minutes to sit with them and enjoy just having 3. I simply cannot be pleased.

+ Mostly the same: I have not been bitten by any legit sort of nesting bug this pregnancy and so our days are pretty much just a hodgepodge of various summer goodness: taking the mornings slowly, doing minimal chores, meeting with friends, playing in the baby pool, eating copious freeze pops, and then we mix it up with the occasional giant box house for fun...

+ Slowly changing and about to change big time: I went ahead and started our math curriculum for the fall and will do additional phonics stuff once this workbook arrives to get a little under my belt before this baby makes his grand entrance. It is changing the dynamic between me and Naomi in little and good ways: it gives us a little bit of special time, and it is fun to see how much she wants to learn.

I am also soaking in every single second with Lucy as the baby (except when she is boycotting her nap, then I am begging her to not be with me forjust1hourpleasepleaseplease!!!).

I am super duper emotional about her not being a baby anymore and often find myself sneakily reading to just her in another room because we have like, 6 more weeks of this? That is not enough!

+ Hard and hilarious: Bernadette is still going pretty strong in the tantrum department, but I am finding little ways to help prevent them (SMOOTHIES!!!)

and ways to cope with them (LEAVE THE ROOM!!!) and Lucy's are not as bad right now, soooo no additional complaints.

The one really great thing about Bernadette is that she never leaves us wanting in the entertainment/laughter department. She general shifts very quickly from being in character and putting on a show for all, to laying on the floor kicking and screaming:
^the shift hath begun

Therefore, my own emotional state usually goes from laughter to tears in a matter of seconds, it's an overly emotional party over here at all times, folks.

+ Celebratory: Mike and I celebrated 6, count em, SIX wonderful years of marriage yesterday and got to go on a real, live DATE! Check it:

I had big plans to make a sappy slideshow of the last 6 years but then realized that Picasa has taken upon itself to shrink all my photos down to tiny files that look horrible and pixelated and in order to get the right sized file I have to search for each picture in the deep depths of my computer and it took about 3 photos for me to realize I should probably just work on one for next year. Big 7, I'm comin for ya.

Here are some pictures I put on facebook, because I don't want to do the computer search for any more right now:
^ wee fetuses in the marriage department. I think that makes us in 1st grade now, if we're getting technical.

We did it. We got married and now we have babies. And it is the best thing in the world.

That's all I will subject you to today. Hope your weekend was spectacular!!


  1. That dress is so gorgeous! And by that, of course, I mean Bernadette's ;)

  2. Ana, your wedding dress looks gorgeous! Congratulations on reaching the six year mark. :-)

  3. Our days sound so much alike, except I only have two kids AND I'm not I'm definitely more dramatic than you and I don't even have an excuse, haha! And happy anniversary!! 6 years, that's awesome!