Thursday, August 14, 2014

Prince Joseph and His Ladies

Getting the most millage out of newborn posts as I possibly can thanks to my fabulous in-laws for taking and sending all sorts of great photos from Joseph's first day home.

For a really long time now, whenever Bernadette would tell anyone that we were having a baby boy, she would follow it up by announcing that "now we will have a PRINCE!" And so, on the 3rd of August, 2014, Prince Joseph was presented to his ladies at Castle Hahn, where he is to reside with them, and hopefully stay alive and unharmed while doing so.

Excitement overfloweth from all parties with a healthy side of apprehension for partially pictured Lucy.
                        Oldest + youngest = best ever

The first few days after his homecoming mostly consisted of Naomi and Bernadette duking it out about who would hold him first, and Bernadette winning almost every time. Then the stomach bug took her down and we wouldn't let her within 3 feet of him until it cleared, which made the fights easier to settle. Then Naomi got the bug and Bernadette did all the holding, it worked out great.

Now they are each content with a few small holding sessions per day and are both very insistent on needing to "shush him down" every single time he makes any noise at all. "Shushing him down" consists of making an increasingly loud SHUSHING noise right in his face until he a) quiets down on his own, which they are always very confident is attributable to their crazy shushing or b) starts screaming and I have to take him from them. Each happen with high frequency.

Lucy's initial reaction was more like recieving a doll that she loved but also kind of hated. Her main way of asking to hold him at first was to shout "I HAVE IT!!" and grab at him with all her might. A little terrifying to say the least, which is why we have no pictures of just the two of them when they first met. However, she has come quite a long way since that first day and now asks to hold by actually pleading "hold 'im?!" and proceeding to imitate the crazy loud shushing in his face that she sees the elders do. My favorite Lucy gem by far is when she follows me into the room where I change his diapers and stands at the end of the changing table saying "sauwwy buddy" over and over again until I'm done. It melts my heart.

     ^The parents, darn happy to be home and wire-free.

So far my preferred nicknames for Joseph include "tiny nuggins", "baby J" and "lil brudder", which you always must follow up by telling him he has "the heart of a champion". Because he does.

My saintly mother departs tomorrow and it's only one day late for Blythe's Hot Mess link-up, which is too bad because you better believe that yours truly will be the hottest mess of them all after the glut of help I have had the last 2 weeks. Prayers and alcohol are much appreciated as we attempt to settle into "normal" life plus an extra human being.


  1. Gosh Ana you look SO good, and he is just a delicious little nugget of sweetness. I love open mouth newborn sleeping pictures!! So much!

  2. He's so adorable and you look great! Enjoy your little bundle of blue!

  3. I love everything about this post: hilarious big sisters, adorable little newborn, beautiful family... such sweetness. Congratulations!

  4. He is a very loved and well protected little boy :)

  5. haha I totally laughed out loud with Lucy's "I HAVE IT!" shriek.
    And I'm also guessing "alive and unharmed" = "playing dress-up and forced tea parties" (or similar).
    Oh Joseph, I bet you're in for an exciting life with these girls!!