Friday, August 8, 2014

7 kinds crazy (quick takes)

I knew that going from 3 to 4 kids was going to throw me for a serious loop, but I had no idea how crazy it would actually be. I am still processing the fact that Joseph is outside the womb and still processing the events of his first week of life thus far- he is one week old, how did that happen already?!?

So I am joining Jen for some processing. Process with me, will you?

1) The NICU finally set us free this past Sunday morning and it was a glorious occasion for all parties involved. We finally got to introduce Joseph to his older mothers sisters and the battle of "MAY I HOLD HIM?!?!'s began. Unfortunately I have no pictoral evidence of the event but will be sure to inundate you when Mike's mom sends me her iphone pictures (kids and their phones these days!).
The 2 older girls' favorite activity is sitting in chairs and making up their own words to the wordless music that the baby swing plays.

It is presh and Joseph clearly loves it.

2) We got back home Sunday and Tuesday I started to get a little-- a very little -- concerned that I had been feeling somewhat short of breath since Joseph's birth. After some googling I chalked it up to being a weird side effect of the epidural, but my wonderful mother-in-law suggested I call the doctor to make sure. The doctor's answer? GET TO THE ER NOW. I was a little emotional about that answer to say the least and still having flash backs to our captive NICU days (so dramatic, Ana! I know). Anyways, Mike calmed me by reassuring me it would only be a couple hour thing, and he took me and Joseph to the ER to check to make sure things were cool.  (this is getting long, we'll make it 2)

3) After a few hours at the ER, 1 cup peed in, roughly 8 tubes of my blood stolen from my body, we were pretty sure everything was going to check out just fine and I was feeling so stupid for even going. All the blood work had come back clear except the one test that shows whether you are at high risk for a blood clot, so the most important one and the one they were actually concerned about. Since I was confident it would come back ok I was packing up our things to head out when the doctor popped his head in to tell me it was not good and I was indeed at a higher risk for a blood clot and would need to go in for a  CAT scan. This did not please high hormone Ana and I broke down, the ER staff surely thought I was nuts. Anyways, I got to have my first CAT scan ever, nurse a baby with an IV port in arm and get the good news that I do not have a blood clot. And that was that. 5 hours and too many tears later, I am fine pulmonary embolism free!

4) I am pretty sure that Lucy is having her own little bouts of PTSD from the extra NICU days and the extended ER stay and now whenever she thinks I am going any farther than 5 feet from her an insane screaming fast ensues. Also if I don't give her exactly what she wants at the moment she wants it, another screaming fest.

She is spending more time in her crib than ever before and we are coping just fine.

5) We had to say goodbye to Mike's mother yesterday and it was a lots of bitter and not so much sweet. Her presence was absolutely invaluable this past week and I am so unbelievable grateful for such a generous, nurturing mother of my husband.

It was so sad to see her go, but I am very much comforted by the fact that Joseph's early arrival made it so that my mom can come for several days this coming week. It is going to be off the postpartum hook, people.

6) Last night during dinner Bernadette got down to lay on the couch because her "tummy was hurting" and started holding her mouth like she was going to hurl. Mike grabbed her and with the speed of a cheetah on crack ran her to the bathroom where she insisted over the toilet that she DID NOT need to throw up and went back to the nice living room couch which she promptly vomited all the contents of her stomach onto. I naturally spent the rest of the evening in a paranoid hormonal fit over Joseph getting the stomach bug, well freaking out and cleaning up vomit.

7) So for now I am drinking plenteous G&Ts and snuggling this sweet baby boy to my heart's content, telling myself that it is all going to be fine, because it is.

When the girls are not around. And yes, I wear a nursing cover at home, because I cannot handle the glut of boob questions during every. single. nursing. session. "So.... there are holes there?? Where does the milk COME FROM???" etc...

That is that, party people. Have a fabulous weekend and please pray that we are done with the hospital FOREVAAA!!!!


  1. He is so beautiful! And I'm very glad you don't have blood clots. Not fun about Lucy's temper. :-( Of course, everyone will survive, but no fun for now. I will say a prayer for you when my own strong-willed daughter shows her will. Solidarity.

  2. So glad everyone is doing well! Joseph is such a cutie!

  3. Hahaha those questions from the girls are hilarious - I totally feel you! We'll see how horrible John Paul is about his curiosity this time around... He walked in on me while I was getting dressed this morning and took one look and said, "You're not making milk right now... Whaddya have THOSE for?" Awkward.

    And I totally went to the ER for suspected blood clots, too! Like, last week... But they couldn't do a scan, just ultrasounds and a chest x-ray (well-shielded) because of the baby, and now I'm better, soooo I think it's all cool but yeah, scary!

  4. So glad you're all home and bloodclot free!! And while I know to you she's just a regular great mother in law, I still can't help, but be star stuck and think...that is Kimberly Hanh on her couch!!

  5. A aaahhh! I'm so behind on my blogs! I totally missed the birth announcement! Congratulations.... Joseph is precious! And glad that your trip to the ER was a-ok.... I had headaches postpartum and I was so worried it was pre-eclampsia! I was a wreck....

    Praying all is well. And sooooo funny about the boob ques. I get the same thing from my older two.

  6. Oh my goodness Ana! So, so crazy! That kid owes you one or ten already! ;) Anyway, I'm so happy everything is okay and that you're home and you have help coming! Praying for you guys!

    P.S. The nursing cover at home to shield boobs AND questions

  7. Hahaha.....I LOVE that you wear a nursing cover at home, that's so funny!
    And sorry to hear about the blood clot scare :/ I had to have a CT scan this last pregnancy for the same reason. Glad to hear you're ok! Did they end up figuring out why you're short of breath? No one was able to tell me that, which freaked me out.

  8. I'm glad you're okay, and I hope nobody else gets sick! Joseph is presh, enjoy snuggling him while drinking your G&Ts. :)

  9. Congrats, he is soooo cute!
    And glad you are drinking your G&Ts!
    Glad you're okay and congratulations!

  10. Glad you are all finally at home and praying that all is well. No more ER!

  11. He is beautiful!! Congrats!! Those top pics are precious!!
    Good luck in these next weeks! <3

  12. First, he is a beautiful baby! I truly mean that too, I don't say that about all babies.

    That is so scary with the blood clot. Some ladies fear birth and I actually fear the recovery because I had bleeding issues with 2 out of 3 of my kids. The hormones/exhaustion from a new baby make the fear and anxiety worse too. Bottom line: Try to relax and take it easy. It's hard to let things like housework go, but your health is most important.

  13. Ugh. What a rough start! I would have cried too, Ana, had the doctor told me that.
    Prayers for everyone to be healthy and feeling wonderfully.

  14. I am so glad everyone is healthy and you can all be together at home now. Joseph is really adorable--congratulations!!

  15. What a week, Ana!!! I've been thinking of you often and I can't imagine the frustration of all that hospitalness. I'm so glad you are all home and well and that your mother is coming soon. Many many many congratulations on your little boy!!!!

  16. Lucy's frownie face..... bahahahahahaha!!! I'm a big fan of the crib time out - for Mom and toddler! Glad you are all home safe and sound now - looking forward to more baby posts!