Thursday, November 20, 2014

in thanksgiving for their friendship

A small disclosure: I am a part of the Netflix Stream Team and have included them in this post, which I will be doing monthly as a part of the team. However, this is content I would have blogged about either way and since Netflix is already a central part of our days, it works out well.

I know we're a week out from Thanksgiving, but let me be all mushy and sentimental for a brief blog post, in the spirit of being thankful.

The last 3 months has been a wonderful whirlwind of very little sleep, lots of screaming, even more laughing, and tons of love. Joseph's birth has brought a new level of gratitude to my heart for so many things, but right at the top would be the friendship that my girls have with each other, which I pray will last for their lives.

I always knew that I wanted to have a lot of kids, just based on my great experience of siblings in my own big family. I am one of eight kids and I've made hosts of friends in my different phases of life, but the friendships I have in my siblings are the ones that have really endured. I get so excited when I see the girls having their own little inside jokes and secrets that they don't want me to know, even though I have to pretend to be sad to not be included. I love that home schooling enables them to be together throughout the day while they're still so small and forming these little relationships.

Naomi and Bernadette have the ability to pretend together for impressive periods of time and while I was worried about Lucy getting left out of the little clique that the older two have, they have effortlessly and happily ushered her right in, which warms my heart and frees my hands to nurse the baby, nurse the baby, and nurse the baby. Also worth mentioning is the fact that Naomi now gets Lucy dressed whenever Lucy will permit it, as well as getting her coat and shoes on and strapping her into her car seat. Awesome much? Yes.

We had a little art class/play date with some friend recently and when both older girls made sure to include each other on their "thankful feathers" I gave myself a little pat on the back, and maybe teared up a little, sap that I am.

In the spirit of a their friend-trio and in an effort to not just show them tons of Christmas movies before Thanksgiving even gets here, I found Mickey's 3 Musketeers on Netflix Streaming and indulged them a movie watch, because how else could hash out this little "friendsgiving" post to document their sweetness.

The fights, oh how they happen, and on some days with equal frequency as the happiness, but I know that is all a part of the sibling-friend adventure, for which I am so SO very thankful.


  1. Your girls are so sweet! I hope for good sibling relationships among my kids, it's such a blessing to have siblings who've got your back. So far so good, my boys are absolutely inseparable and have so much fun together, especially when it's 11pm and they're supposed to be asleep ;)

  2. I always pray my children will be the best of friends. I also want that sibling bond of friendship to include the eventual sister in laws and brother in laws.

  3. My sisters and my brother are my best friends, too. And my cousins - love my cousins! My boys have so much fun together and I love seeing their relationships grow and change as they get older.