Saturday, December 20, 2014

7 quick takes: tight pants, ppd, and crap-tivities!

Joining one of my all-time favorite bloggers and newest hostess with the mostest- Kelly- for the fist time for 7 quick takes this laaaaaate Friday evening, because what else does one do while listening to a sleep training baby? Nothing.

1: First off, thanks so much for all the love on the blog's facebook page this week, you are all too kind and encouraging and have inspired me to not let the blog go down without a fight. Who am I kidding, I will probably never let it go, I love it too much. There has never been another category of blog that I felt like mine fell under more than a "keeping it real" mom blog. I guess it's a category within a category because I will never claim to not be a mom-blog, the blog's title makes it impossible for me to try to make that argument. So I'm just going to take it back to the roots now and keep it real for you all.

2: : I have been walking around with my pants entirely unbuttoned and unzipped because they just do not fit. I could just find a bigger pair that do fit, but I am determined to make my pre-pregnancy jeans work whether they look painted on (they do!) or not. There are many culprits that come into play here, not just the fact that I recently bore and birthed a child, behold exhibit A:

I've iced over 140 cookies as I get ready to host my first ever cookie exchange and you better believe at least 3 cookies worth of each batch of cookie dough has been consumed by myself. Cookie dough is sort of my cryptonite. By the time I post this I will have exchanged all sorts of cookies with all sorts of great ladies and will have more cookies to consume, it will be great.

Getting a little serious now, just a warning:

3: This postpartum period has seen me dealing with my first bout of postpartum depression and anxiety (heavy on the anxiety) and it has been capital C Crazy. There were a few weeks there a while ago that I was sure the entire world was about to end and/or I was going to be hauled off to an institute somewhere but thanks be to God and meds and all sorts of support from family and friends (real life and blog alike) and I am doing much, MUCH better. But it is still a daily struggle that some days gets the better of me. God bless all you women who have dealt with it with each pregnancy and for much longer than me, I am in awe of you.

Done with being serious.

4: This weather might just kill me. The lack of sun and cold, cold, rain and more cold is really cramping my already crampy style right now, so much so that I have been indulging the girls almost daily in what I like to call Crap-tivities. That's right, my craft-hating self has been taking out the paints, scissors and glue multiple times a week and I have even taken to pre-cutting construction paper for various crafts the night before. Who am I?!? I don't even know any more, but I do know that if I am miserable with the absence of any outdoor time, they are equally so, ok probably more.

Behold the various crap-tivities:

5: Read the previous 3 again and you'll understand why I have had to force myself to get back to exercise in the form of Jillian Michaels, because I still only own 3 workout DVDs and all 3 are her, because I guess I hate myself. If you've never done a Jillian workout, doing one for the first time in well over a year is sheer torture, and the day after is even worse. I have only done it 3 times so far and the jury is still out on whether I will ever do it again.

6: Have I ever mentioned how much I love South Bend and it's fabulous community?
The aforementioned cookie party was a huge success and now I have multiple various assortments of other kinds of cookies to fill my waistband with over the next few days.

Thank you, ladies.

7: We leave for Steubenville the day after tomorrow and it will likely be a miracle of miracles if I visit ye old blog whilst supping with kin and singing all sorts of Christmas hymns round the evergreens, but maybe we'll all get lucky.

If not, Merriest of merry Christmases to you all!!


  1. Will miss being with you so very very much this year! Love you :)

  2. I missed the convo on the blog's FB page, but am glad you're keeping the blog alive for now. I look forward to your frankness & humor. So sorry to hear about the's so crippling. I pray for everyone who suffers from depression or mental illness every day.

  3. That sucks about the ppd but I am so glad you have so much wonderful support.
    Merry Christmas, Ana!

  4. You'd probably love this...

  5. So I have never commented here before, but I finally wanted to break the internet ice, so to speak. Anyway, I love your keeping it real motherhood moments. I have five kids - three girls, a boy, and then another girl, and my husband is finishing his Ph.d. (At OSU in Ohio), so I feel like you a couple of years ahead. I have had PPD after the last three births (although it is probably anxiety, because I have hyperthyroidism after the last three births, which can cause anxiety, but it feels like post partum depression, because there is a baby there). I have never done any medicine though - I am not opposed to it, but I don't even know where to start, what people take or anything. Anyway, I have never commented because I am not Catholic (but still Christian - Mormon), but I have recently decided to not be so shy. Plus I am trying to do NFP (by which I mean, meet my six month old baby conceived while completely charting), and it is so good to read about others in the trenches of motherhood.

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  6. I'm sorry about the pod/anxiety but I'm glad you've recognized it and gotten help. Have fun eating cookies and celebrating in Steubenville!

  7. Ppd is so hard. Sending you and your craptivities extra love today!!

  8. Hang in there, Ana. I'm just starting to feel human again at 6 months pp, and I didn't have ppd or my 4th baby, just #2! This is tough, don't sell yourself short. And, related to #5, I'm a total workout dvd junkie and I wanted to recommend that Suzanne Bowen's pregnancy barre workout dvd, even though you're not pregnant. It's really intense (good intense!) and did wonders for me, much better than Jillian Michaels, imo.

  9. Oh Ana, so sorry to hear about the ppd and anxiety....glad it's better....and I will continue to pray for you! Also, your sugar cookies were amazing (may or may not have eaten one on the way home!!). Thanks again for being such a wonderful host! Safe travels, Merry Christmas and we hope to see you guys again soon!

  10. Ana, couldn't believe that you made the adorable girls' Christmas skirts-adorable and so proud of you! Can't wait to see you all in a few.

  11. Ana, for purely selfish reasons, I am so glad you've decided to keep the blog going. I've been following along for awhile, but this is the first time I've commented. I love how you keep it real. It probably speaks volumes about me that your "crap-tivities" are my favorite part in this post. :)

    Also, just wanted to let you know that I've been there, done that with PPD. In case you're looking for another Catholic Mama's perspective on PPD, I wrote about it on my blog, too: PPD is tough stuff, but just know that it won't last forever, that there's help in all kinds of forms, and that you're soooooooo not alone! Kudos to you for taking the bull by the horns and getting help. I hope you feel more and more like non-PPD Ana with each day. I'll be praying for your continued healing.

    Have a blessed Christmas with your sweet family, and keep those "crap-tivities" comin'!

  12. So sorry to hear about the PPD - but so glad to hear that you are seeking some help! My best friend suffered horribly with her last two pregnancies - not even realizing that's what she had the first time. The second time was much worse and I convinced her to talk to her doctor. Thankfully, the medicine really helped her - it's nothing to mess around with. Hope your time with family is wonderful! Merry Christmas!

  13. Craptivities....ROFL!

    I'm with ya on the PPD, been there done that twice now, fun times! Actually, very much not fun times and I got meds the second time around and it was glooorrriiooouus! I suddenly felt like me again with no extra effort involved and was able to get back to life as usual. I weaned off of them around the 1 year mark just fine, no big deal. I've already got plans to have the meds all ready to go as soon as I give birth this time, I figure why be miserable and convinced I'm going insane for weeks before starting?

    I found it really helped the PPD to focus on doing one thing each day. Day one after getting on medication it was "look, I didn't cry all day!" Later it was "I took a shower today!", "I bathed all 3 kids", "we did a craft", "I made dinner", "I ran an errand!", etc And yes I seriously said those things to my husband all excited when he got home from work. And it's a testament to how bad it had been that he was equally excited and all "Oh, that's great honey! Good job!" lol!

    Hang in there! Hope you guys are having a great Christmas season!