Monday, December 8, 2014

Family Photos with Cedars and Tiny Flowers

Katrina is one of my favorite people and her blog (Cedars and Tiny Flowers, hence the post title) is an absolute fav. I met her a few years back, when Ryan was just a wee babe, and since then we've become good friends- one of the many blessing of living here in South Bend. She is sweet, funny, a super talented writer and blogger, has the prettiest hair and cutest babies, and is apparently a wonderful fledgling photographer! She offered to take some family pictures after Joseph was born, and naturally I waited until he is 4 months old to do them and send out a birth announcement. Apparently it takes the making of 3 matching little girl skirts + one very crooked tie onesie (crookedness covered by baby cardigan) for me to get motivated enough to actually assemble the fam for some snapshots.

Anyways, Katrina the Sweetest come over and showcased her skills and was in and out in 30 minutes, which with kids (and during a Steelers game) was so impressive and appreciated, and she did such a bang-up job. She says she was "practicing", but I think she was just showing off (insert winking-eye emoji). And I am not even selling her as a photographer because on top of full-time momming she has at least one other part-time job and just gave her blog the cutest new look all by herself. Amazing. So don't call her for photography, just admire her work here and read her blog there.

Tis the season for entire blog posts dedicated to showcasing family pictures!
First a Christmas card teaser of the whole fam before the offspring dominate:

Now for a serious glut of festive photos, oldest to youngest, with Lucy as the star because... you'll see why. Navigate away now if you don't like pictures:

Capital "R" Ridiculous.
And of course, the boy:

There you have it, family pictures with matching homemade attire and thank the Lord for good friends with great camera skills!

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!


  1. Those are great! Nice job, Katrina (and good job on the cute kids, Hahns)!

  2. OMG, Ana, these are fantastic-really astounding how well everyone did.

  3. She did a wonderful job!! Your family is beautiful!

  4. Oh my goodness- Lucy's faces- what a ham!

  5. Ah! You're too flattering. Definitely practicing!

    They all did such a good job!! Thursdaaaaay!! is so cute.

  6. Great pictures!
    What a wonderful job she did; course she had great models to work with!

  7. Lovely! Our family pictures will be taken after the 16th. Normally it's earlier but one of my daughters will be getting her braces off the 16th and she wanted to wait.

  8. Wow. beautiful pictures. nice job, Katrina!
    also, Anna, i love your new sidebar photo. your hair is gorgeous!

  9. Your kids are just so dang cute. Katrina IS the nicest. And apparently so very talented too!