Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Mom Confessions

What better way to end a Monday than a little electronic examination of self? I say none.

1) Thanksgiving. This is the second year in a row that I have cooked next to nothing at all on Thanksgiving. Why, Ana? Were you visiting family and making merry with kin as most the rest of the nation was? Nope, I was freeloading the free Thanksgiving meal on campus with Mike and the girls, same as last year. Well, not really freeloading, but almost- grad students get a serious steal of a deal for the Thanksgiving feast and I discovered last year that it is positively amazing to come home to a clean house and clean dishes and be full and happy with nothing to do but take a nap. However, I do kind of wonder if my girls even know that mothers do actually make food for their families on the holiday.

It's sort of a confession, sort of basking. We enjoyed the meal with some good friends and then stuffed our faces with dessert later while the kids watched Frosty the Snow Man. I made a pumpkin roll, that is all.

2) Christmas decor. I am a really guilty early-decorator and feel the need to confess. Every year around this time I want to wait and only do Advent stuff, but then every year my deep love of all things festive and warm overcomes and I decide to just decorate whilst highlighting Advent also. We have a Jesse Tree and did a little Advent paper chain with special Advent-y things written on them to do each day, so we're not total heathens only partial.

3) Juice addiction. With the birth of each baby, our toddlers have all developed an insatiable juice addiction. I think it is similar to alcoholism in adults, and at least for my kids I genuinely think there should be some sort of a 12 step program for it- it is really bad. I have at least gotten Lucy off the bottle, which was only a little traumatic, but she still insists on having a cup of APPLE JUICE and ONLY apple juice, at every moment of every day. Today was day of of an attempted detox, we'll see who breaks down first. I have dealt with it before with the others and somehow we got them detoxed, but Lucy's addiction seems especially bad. Tips and tricks? I will take them.

4) Favorite. He's kind of is right now.

I love them all equally, but look at his face!

And I will leave you with that. Happy Monday, party people!


  1. That boy is adorable. Adorable, and delicious, and cuddly, and squishable.
    Re: not cooking on Thanksgiving? Bask away while you can, because someday you will cook again. I, too, did not cook this year. I will bask with you.

  2. You should probably never tell them about the way Thanksgiving normally is. Just go to restaurants after grad school ends. Seriously, some of them have amazing meals then.

    Which reminds me of the time we went to Frankenmuth for Thanksgiving. We did the whole shebang, shops + massive buffet (including to-die-for chocolate mousse, covered with chocolate chips). When we woke up the next day, my brother asked us when Thanksgiving was. Poor kid.

  3. Glad y'all are only partial heathens. That made me laugh : )

  4. He would totally be my favorite too!

  5. That last picture is totally cute and happy and cozy! :o) And hardly care where they get their turkey. Pumpkin rolls & Frosty are where it's at!

  6. I think it's fantastic not to cook on Thanksgiving, and do all the dishes. I say, take full advantage of it while you can! And no judging here on decorations. My tree is mostly up, and I don't so much as own an Advent wreath. Full on heathen over here.

  7. Juice addiction is real. They never taught us how to handle it. Haha. We just get a pitcher and empty half the apple juice from he actual bottle and replace the rest with water to dilute it. My toddler was smart enough to realize I was watering t down each time I filled his cup so I did that for a while. He was fine with that and I'm sure you could eventually wean her down to water slowly if you want. Good luck! Cute kiddos!!

  8. I either slowly water down over the course of a week or two like suggested above, or buy one more bottle of juice and tell her it's the last one. and then go cold turkey. If it's not in the house, she'll have to drink water.

  9. I have so many of my own confessions to make I think I might write my own post for tomorrow...
    (And you are SMART with the Thanksgiving thing, it seems so sweet and domesticy until you start doing it and then you are like WHHHHYYYYYYYYY.... :)