Friday, January 30, 2015

7 Quick Takes: tonsils, breast milk, and more!

Greetings fellow winter shut-ins! How about some blog therapy with Kelly since the only humans I've seen this week have been inside the confines of my house or at a doctor's office? K, here we go.

1) Lucy bid her tonsils and adenoids farewell (and some tubes moved into her ears) on Tuesday and is finally maybe starting to seem not entirely scarred from the whole ordeal. She did really well with the surgery, but she just seemed like she hated me for the first 2 days after, probably for bringing her to what she thought was going to be a doctors appointment with a "nap" (pre-surgery pictures, total ignorance)

And bringing her home in the worst pain she's ever felt. Confused would be the understatement of the year, some serious processing has had to happen this week in her highly drugged up brain, but I think we're making strides.

2) I mean, we did explain it to her, but she's 2 and her understanding of various medical lingo and practices is limited, like most 2-year-olds. The result of the explanation was her being fairly positive that the surgery was happening in her bedroom, which I surmised from her constantly walking into her bedroom saying "ok, we go to have surgery now". It was really cute but also really sad for me since I knew exactly what was about to hit her.

3) I cried like a little baby when I had to hand her to a rather creepy nurse with the thickest black eyeliner I've seen in a while who carried her back to be anesthetized. Why won't they just let the mom be there for that? It was the handing her off to a stranger while she bawled and reached for me and the "AUTHORIZED MEDICAL PERSONNEL" door closed as she was carried off down the long hallway that really got both of us. Then I realized that she had forgotten her precious "piglet blanket" and I frantically ran around while crying to find a nurse who could go back to give it to her before she went under. It was not one of my classiest moments, but motherhood will do that to you.

4) Luckily Mike's amazing mother came in town for the first few days, which was so helpful. The older girls happen to be the least helpful little 4 and 5 year-olds around- ok maybe not the least, but certainly not the most by any stretch. I thought reading them Little House would help with that, or at least make them want to be more helpful like Laura and Mary, but it is not. SO instead they got to bake a valentines day cake and make crafts and have outings and do fun things,

while their sister suffered in the glow of the ipad and copious netflix.

Life is really not hard enough for them, I tell you.
I'm thinking of starting to churn our own butter just to give them a difficult job to do every day.

5) Have you every tried Brewer's Yeast to boost milk production? I am talking to you, and you, and you. Anyone? Does it work? I hope so because I just bought a honkin tub of it in the hope that it will help since the nightly "Guinness to help with nursing" happens to not be helping at all with "taming the postpartum pooch and the pants buttoning" thing.

6) Have you ever read any reviews on Amazon by Roger Pervich? Some of the best stuff on the web, hands down. Read them all!! And Roger, if you're reading, how about a review of Brewer's Yeast for milk production? I think we need it.

7) Get your projects ready because another "Cabin Fever Creativity Link-Up" is coming for you, hopefully this week.

While this may seem like a totally unrelated picture, my sister made that little hat for Joseph and I am a tad obsessed.


  1. Hey! Yes, use Brewer's Yeast,but put it into lactation cookies because the flavor is STRONG and disgusting. Do not, do not, do not put the recommended serving size of 2 tablespoons or whatever into a bowl of oatmeal and take a bite. Anyway, I used it in cookies and my milk production greatly increased when I was freaking out about pumping enough for Ryan before we went to Ireland.

    I've used this recipe: Sometimes I've added coconut. They aren't amaaaazing, but they are good for having all that stuff in them. I enjoyed them with tea.

    And I would have been bawling, too! I'm so glad Mike's mom came, and that Lucy is on the mend and has Netflix.

  2. I tried adding Brewer's Yeast to a recipe I found online for lactation cookies, and while I wouldn't say it had the effect I was hoping for, I did notice a small difference on the days when I didn't eat the cookies. I was hoping for a bigger impact, but I think there might be other ways to implement in your diet that could be more effective? I didn't see a big enough difference to make it worth it, but I imagine the results could be totally subjective from person to person.

  3. I've never tried Brewers Yeast, but I have had great success with Gaia Lactation Support tea. It works pretty much instantaneously for me and with a little shot of honey it doesn't taste half bad. I get it at Whole Foods but I'm sure you could find it on Amazon too.

  4. Poor Lucy! I had my tonsils removed when I was 24 years old and it was pretty rough. And I was so sick as a kid. Strep multiple times a winter and tonsils so big they were like magnets for infection. My mom always regretted not having them out when I was young, so hopefully this is the start of a new healthy era for Lucy :)

    Don't know about Brewer's Yeast, but I was a fan of this tea when I was nursing (I nursed my twins for 15 months).
    I work f/t and travel about once a month. When the boys were 7 months old, I had to go on a 4 day/3 night business trip with morning breakfast meetings that started at 7am and then dinners out with clients...I would literally be out from 6:30 am to 11pm all day. I had no time to pump, so I would just pump enough when I could to take the pressure off and relieve my engorgement...when I came home, my milk was gone. I was so devastated. The demand dwindled while I was gone from my babies and so consequently so did my supply. I reached out to lactation guru Karen Gromada ( (because I had read one of her books and found her book's FB page) and Karen really helped me with my milk recovery. My milk came back in about a week. The best advice she gave me was "nipple to mouth, A LOT". Nurse, nurse, nurse. It's hands down the best way to increase your supply. Good luck :)

  5. I would go into mega you know what Mama bear mode if they told me they were going to take her screaming away to sedate Mags....Hell to the No. And then I would have gone completely off my rocker at everyone around, so it sounds like you handled the whole situation quite well! ;-) I used the Mothers Milk Tea and that was enough for me while nursing, I would have a half a cup and wait for engorged to hit and then nurse her like crazy.

  6. My oldest had out-patient surgery at 18mo to fix an umbilical hernia and it was hands down the hardest thing I've done as a mother. They let me come back and hold him down while they gave him sleeping gas, but then they pulled him from me and whisked me out! I ended up sobbing on some poor nurse's shoulder saying, "I didn't get to kiss him goodbye!" So glad Lucy's on the mend.

    1. Oh my goodness, I would have given them everything is our savings account for them to let me go with her to be gassed, maybe I just didn't push it enough? I am really non-confrontational, so that might have been it, but they acted like it was an impossibility. It is so hard to see your little one be in pain! So sorry you had to do that!

  7. Not sure where you're located (I just started following along), but was there a Child Life Specialist available at the hospital? These professionals are HUGE advocates for family-centered care, and parental presence during induction is something they may have been able to help you with. On the flip side, at least everyone's on the mend now!

  8. Ask and ye shall receive:

  9. I have found Fenugreek to be the most effective for increasing breast milk supply. Recommended dosages are easy to find online. It is inexpensive and simple b/c it is in capsule form. Noticeable difference in 48 - 72 hours.

  10. Don't be afraid to put your foot down! (And I say this coming from situations like you where I learned from upsetting and painful ones) Do not feel the least little bit bad about saying that they will absolutely not take your daughter into anesthesia without you there - or say that she must have a sedative shot first so that she's not upset to be taken away from you. I know this surgery is behind you and I hope you never have to go through anything like with your other children again . . . but if you do - don't be afraid to speak up and advocate for yourself or your children.

  11. I've heard GREAT things about Brewer's yeast from moms in the low-supply group I'm in. But I was never brave enough to try the most effective dose - a full tablespoon a day, not baked/cooked. YUCK.

    But still. Great things.

  12. Oh my goodness, just reading your description of handing her over to go back without you made my eyes water! That must have been so hard! So glad that it went well and that she's home and recovering. And she looked super cute by the glow of the Ipad!

  13. I second the earth mama angel baby tea. You have to be very diligent about it, but it was helpful to me. I made an iced version which was easier for me to stomach (not terrible but I was having it multiple times a day and it's a... different smell). And just nursing/pumping as often as possible.

  14. Blessed thistle herbal supplement (a capsule) and fenugreek is where I tirned, as I heard Brewers yeast had a strong taste. Anyways, they were inexpensive fixes and worked great! :) good luck!

  15. Just have to thank you for the Roger Pervich links. Laughed so hard I was crying. Love the chafing cream and Spice up your Marriage ones the best!