Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What's in Your Easter Basket? {with a giveaway!}

This may come as a shock to you but... wait for it... we don't give up sweets for Lent in the Hahn home. I'll give you a second to process that and catch your breath or clean up any liquids inadvertently expelled from the shock.

I know, it's cray. And maybe it's a lazy thing or maybe it's that I don't like doing what everybody else is doing (I'll do a whole 30 in 5 years when it's not cool anymore), but in the case of the kids it is mostly that I just don't think they are at an age where they would get much out of the "sacrifice", plus we really need sweets as incentives for good behavior during the day. Good parents R Us.

And while this does not make our Easter any less glorious and beautiful and exciting, it does mean that the girls baskets are not brimming with processed sugar the way they would be if they had just gone without for 40 days. It also means that I need to really step it up in the creativity department in basket-planning and I am not going to lie, I am a little stumped.

So far I have little packets of Annie's bunny crackers and fabric to make them some cute homemade skirts, but other than that I am really in need of some ideas- that's the part where I need YOU. Help!

And since I am taking advantage of the ever abundant wisdom of the best readers ever, I am also here to give you a couple of great ideas for your baskets this Easter with a bonus giveaway at the end!

Here you go:

Lindsay's beautiful hand made blocks.

Lindsay is a good friend of mine whose husband used to do PhD work at Notre Dame with Mike and Lindsay recently started an etsy shop where she fashions the most adorable blocks with images of Saints and they are just wonderful.

This is the set that she sent over for us to try out, and she very appropriately sent all of our favorite saints, for whom our children are named.

But if you are really looking for a great addition to your Easter basket I would highly recommend her deluxe Easter blocks. I am serious, click over and LOOK AT THESE- the most perfect Easter gift ever.

Aren't they the cutest? Get at it!

And next but not least:

Have you ever thought to yourself that you don't to a great job of explaining correlations between the Old and New Testaments to your little kids? Me neither, but when my mother-in-law gifted me this book and I read it to the girls I realized that I had, indeed, been doing a terrible job.

The End of the Fiery Sword is hands down one of the (if not THE) best Catholic childrens' book I own and I use it frequently as a part of our Catechetical lessons here at home.

Maura McKeegan is the author and I felt kind of star-struck when I realized that she wrote the book because I have seen her from a distance at Mass in Steubenville, which I realize does not mean that I know her, but still.

She does a really wonderful job of clearly, and in a way that even my 4-year-old can understand, showing how the New Testament is hidden in the Old and how the Old is revealed in the New Testament in and through Christ. No small task if you ask me.

If we didn't already have a copy I would be snatching one or two up for the girls baskets this Easter, but we do so instead I am giving 2 readers the opportunity to snatch one up for free here. Enter in the rafflecopter below and even if you don't win, head over and get your copy because it is a great book and SO worth every cent.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Oh I love these. And we didn't give up sweets either :)

  2. DVDs, CDs, small Lego sets, books, art supplies, lip gloss, tooth brushes, hair accessories, match box cars, bubble wands, playing cards, small games, flip flops, and bathing suits are just some of the items that have shown up in our baskets over the years.

  3. This book looks great!! Hope I win. :-) This year I'm putting kid-sized garden tools in my daughter's basket!

  4. We always have bubbles in our Easter baskets. Digging tools for garden or beach are popular, sidewalk chalk in Easter shapes (bunnies, eggs, and chicks - I haven't found crosses or Jesus chalk and would feel odd about coloring with them anyway!), stickers, Church-themed coloring books and new crayons or markers (the yummy smelling ones by Mr. Sketch are my favorite), CDs (Holy Heroes! Or religious music), pansies to plant (or hyacinths, narcissi, other spring flowers), a kit to make a sun-catcher, pastel nail polishes for our girl and small construction vehicles for our boys... I love putting baskets together with odds and ends. So fun!

  5. P.S. You are not the only non-Whole30er. I love reading blogs about it ... but I don't believe I will ever hop on that wagon.

  6. Glory stories from Holt Heroes are in our baskets, plus soccer t-shirts because boys!

    Never heard of this book but it looks right up my religion teacher husband's alley!

  7. This year some of my baskets will contain (not all 5 baskets will contain all of these): small Lego sets, small magformer sets, umbrellas, Calico Critter sets, Bibles, lots of books, crazy Aaron's thinking putty (you can buy small tins of this color-changing putty at, a homeschool company), summer pajamas, pots with growing flower disks(Target $1 bin), bug keeper necklaces with a built-in magnifier (also Target $1 bin), and small bags of Lindor truffle eggs, because I hope you've tried Lindor truffles older girls & I are hooked!

  8. We give outdoor toys - sidewalk chalk, a jump rope, bubbles. We're always ready by Easter to get outside! I try to include an Easter book, an activity and religious-y candy (chocolate lambs or a cross) and a we get a new addition to our wooden animal collection (been working on this during Easter/Christmas to build up our stable for a nativity)

  9. We have given our girls HuggieSaintDolls on etsy. They are super cute. We also do Easter books.

  10. I'm completely sold on this book and excited! If I don't win it via your giveaway (THANKS so much for the chance) I'm definitely going to purchase it! Excited! :) Oh, and little wooden saint dolls in their baskets would be fun :)

  11. This book sounds so awesome!! Is it awful to give my toddler a basket of just books this Easter? She lives to be read to and I'd love to expand our quality Catholic children's book selection.

  12. The Dollar Store is my go to for Easter kids love stickers, crayons, glue sticks, matchbox cars, plastic animals. Crafts galore :) Also, I picked this up for my kids' baskets.

    1. The link is The Legend of the Three Trees by Dahl Taylor.

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    3. I wanted to add a few more titles that are some of my favorites in our collection and are on my regular list as gifts to our godchildren and as sacrament gifts for nieces & nephews:

      All Things Bright and Beautiful Hardcover – September 18, 2001
      by Cecil Frances Alexander (Author), Bruce Whatley (Illustrator)

      Thank You, God – February 1, 2003
      by P. K. Hallinan (Author, Illustrator)

      The Catholic Bible for Children – October 3, 2011
      by Karine-Marie Amiot (Author), Francois Carmagnac (Author), Christophe Raimbault (Author)

      Any books by Maite Roche. We have numerous titles & love them all.

  13. Those blocks are amazing! Thanks for the recommendation. We are putting a new pair of dress shoes, a rosary and a favorite DVD in their Easter baskets this year.

  14. I just purchased 2 copies of the book! So if I win, I'll be gifting! Thanks for sharing, Ana! Also, those blocks are really nice! Wooden saint dolls from my mom would make a nice addition to your kids baskets...just let me know and I know she would be more than happy to paint a few for you!!

  15. I just ate chocolate cake. :) And those blocks are fun!