Friday, March 27, 2015

7 Quick Takes: sleep saboteurs, netflix, and special days

Joining Kelly for quick takes because it's Friday and I have a killer sleep hangover, perfect for blogging!

1) Have you ever wondered if your children convene for secret meetings where they hatch plots against your sleep? I have always wondered this and after last night I am pretty sure of it. I'm fairly certain that Lucy is the meeting leader and I picture her at the head of their little school table smoking a cigar and planning out the strategic wake times so that they will overlap as perfectly as possible so as to never actually let me sleep longer than 5 minutes.

2) I imagine that confusing graphs and flow charts exist mapping out the various times that each will wake and for what amount of time, only they wouldn't actually make any sense.

All I know is that Lucy seems to be the ring leader and the one most willing to be awake for the longest amount of time and causing entirely too much commotion to let anyone with ears sleep (disrobing entirely, screaming for cheese, opening the curtains, and the like for a solid 2 hours). And Joseph did an impeccable job of waking up to nurse at each end of her wake time, timing it just so that he started screaming the minute that I actually started to fall back asleep. Even though the older 2 weren't actually awake in the middle of the night, they made sure to do their part by getting up extra early and needing things from me so that all told I clocked a whopping 4 hours of highly interrupted sleep and honestly, I'm not even mad, just impressed as their strategy.


You better BELIEVE that I am hitting the Netflix streaming hard today and completely throwing in the "homeschool" towel- hence the blogplaining. The Fox and the Hound came in real handy at 6 a.m. and requests have already been made for this favorite and with the amount of screaming I currently hear coming from the bowels of the house I am thinking of saying YES.

4) My secret streaming of the Office has died down significantly because I got through the best of it and I am thinking of moving on to some Gilmore Girls. A glut of Friends has been consumed by me and Mike, and we gave Parenthood a go but decided it wasn't for us. What are you watching?

5) Joseph Pio had his big feast day last Thursday, followed quickly by Naomi's birthday on Monday and then another feast day on Wednesday, meaning that I am avoiding our scale at all costs until enough damage control can be done. So much for Lenten penance!

Handmade by Meg K // Chocolate Graham Cracker Eclair cake I would eat you a thousand more times // You like how my balloon + gift set up is the same every single year, don't you? I knew it.

6) You may have noticed that it is giveaway month here on zee blog, and if you are not into giveaways I am sorry and maybe just come back in April. The Bloggers Who Craft giveaway ends tomorrow and I am so excited see who wins and also maybe a little bit jealous of that person. The giveaway train will be running on this giveaway for another week and there is yet another coming up soon that I am also super excited about, so stay tuned!

7) I feel like I owe it to the weather to simultaneously praise it but mostly complain about it for this last take because this morning it was snowing (wtf- that's the complaining part) but just last week we were picnicing in 70 degree weather, oh sweet sweet sunshine, please come back.

I really just wanted to put this picture here because Joseph's hat.


  1. Toddlers, I tell ya what. Please, Lord Jesus, give me the patience. Our littlest is 2.5, and I'm pretty sure his goal in life is to make sure I never sit down and have more than five minutes where I'm not worried something's on fire or he's used my mascara to draw all over the bathroom. In two short weeks, he went from completely docile, right into destructo mode. But let's not think about that...

    On the other hand, I just finished my midnight marathon of Gilmore Girls and watched every episode. Totally worth it. I was lost after I finished it, and now I'm hooked on Once Upon A Time. Love it.

  2. I just started watching Gilmore Girls, it is a cute show. I watch it while I exercise, my hubby is not a fan. It is very girly.

  3. Oh, wow, I didn't realize those saint dolls were that big! And that cake looks a-mazing.

  4. That taste of spring was way too short here too!

  5. Have you watched Parks and Rec? at first, I thought it was just an Office wanna-be, but if you give it a chance, I think you'll love it! We also just started Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which looks promising.