Tuesday, August 4, 2015

sunny {internet} places

Happiest beginning of August to all you fine friends who are, perhaps regretfully, stumbling upon this little space this Tuesday.

I will be as cliche as I can be and say that I am shock that summer is already winding down and I am in a pretty intense state of denial that I will actually have to get my ish together and be a *real* mom who does semi *real* home schooling in a few short weeks. At least I got the room together and I did lose control a few month ago and go on a surprisingly fun book-ordering spree so I have some things to use, soooo it can't go that badly, right? Right?!?!

Enough from me. Onto other, much better, corners of the interwebs today because there are too many gems to not share:

First!! I posted on my Insta-feed yesterday about the insanity that is my girls these days (seriously, I thought winter cabin fever was bad, but summer is its own breed of cray as well. Only hotter). And everyone was so very helpful, especially in the area of commiseration, which half the time is all I need anyways. But really I am so convicted to pick out my girls' Mass clothing the night before from now on and just not let them change their minds the next day (and by "they" I mean, Bernadette). Also, I have to admit that after my little complainy post, the short females were actually pretty good for the rest of the day, I ever found them all matching in Steelers shirts reading together for luxuriously long stretch -- anything more than 30 seconds is a luxury these days.

Second, you must get thee to Gap.com today because A) they have some really amazing Factory deals on lots of tanks and tees and I even snagged a $7 grey cardigan for the fall. And B) if you aren't shopping at the factory you can get 35% off of your entire order just through today. This is NOT a sponsored recommendation, just a friendly tip.

Have you been following Bridget's European adventures? Between her posts and these friends of ours who just moved to my favorite place in the entire world, I am much more green than tan considering it's summer. Ok, not really envious, just a healthy dose of jealous.

Jenna started a really fabulous, and really timely, fitness group on facebook the other day and thanks to the motivation I am finding there I might actually get the last 6 pounds of baby weight off before the close of the summer! It was my very serious intention to get it off before the start of summer, because, um, swimsuits, but then I just didn't and went ahead and swallowed my pride and blamed the 4 kids for the gut and went on my merry way. But now I am serious, and super excited! Check it.

Katrina did a fabulous VLOG!!  I love Katrina in real life and on the world wide web, and her VLOG just highlights why she is so loveable. Definitely watch it!

Rosie wrote a Romper post that had me LOLing.
Mike emailed this post to me the other day, and I could barely keep my iced coffee in my mouth whilst reading. The entire blog is pretty hilair.

And I'm sure you've read it, but Grace knows how to pen a hysterical post, even if it is about a car accident and her squelched exercise plans. She's the best blogger.

Alright, I think I'll be done now, I have some very serious drying of parsley to do and many rooms to clean that look like they're straight out of a toddler crack house.

Wish me luck.


  1. My three girls are driving me INSANE with the fighting and the staring at me blankly after asking them to do something simple, and the whining. It is INTENSE. Thus, I called a few other mama friends and we determined it was time for a moms-only-dinner-date... sooner rather than later. Maybe one is in the cards for you too!

  2. Heading to GAP write now, because nothing helps me procrastinate dinner prep, like an online sale.

  3. Random, but how do you dry your parsley?! I have a crap ton of parsley and basil in our garden that I really need to dry and put in spice jars...

    1. I dry my herbs in the oven - wash them, dry them, stick them on a baking sheet on parchment paper at the lowest temperature your oven can remain at (170 for mine) and in a few hours they're dried out and ready to crush and store! So easy!

  4. You're great. And I'm very tempted by some of the GAP loose, perfect for postpartum tees!

  5. did you see this post, Ana? made me think of you re: homeschooling http://wellnessmama.com/58170/homeschool-classroom/