Thursday, November 12, 2015

back in the saddle (sort of)

The nice thing about this blogging community-- and I mean the smaller Catholic mom-blogging group-- is that life seems pretty equally crazy for everyone, because well, Catholics and their kids. So when I go many weeks without doing an original blog post, I don't really feel bad because I'm pretty certain that everyone has way too much going on to care or notice, and if they do notice, I know they're in the same crazy-boat and totally understanding. But then when I see a fellow mom in the thick of many little ones come out from the crazy rock and, despite the crazy, give an update and I get SO excited to read it, then I start to feel that long-lost desire to ignore the insanity, lock myself in a room and just type-it-out-B. (An off topic aside, did Blythe posting that wonderful article on the miraculous medal make anyone else dig theirs out, put it on and not take it off? I know I'm not the only one)

So here I am, on a morning where I decided to teach the older 2 girls to shower themselves completely independently of me, but forgot to teach them that the plastic shower curtain MUST STAY INSIDE THE SHOWER OR YOU WILL FLOOD THE BATHROOM and I'm just letting the bathroom stay soggy for a while to indulge myself because, a soggy bathroom never hurt anyone.

Here are a few anecdotes from the last month that have nothing to do with one another or really anything at all, but seem like they should be shared.

1: My girls are super huge wimps about bugs of any kind. From a giant spider to a teeny tiny fruit fly, their reactions are universally the same: total and complete terror and more hysterics than should ever be displayed. So one day after dinner, Mike and I were trying to shoo them downstairs to play so he could do damage control on the upstairs and I could clean the dinner dishes, but they wouldn't budge because apparently there was a fly downstairs and they simply could not play in the same vicinity of fly. However, Mike with his brilliant ways convinced them to get some paper and get the best look at the fly that they could and sketch some pictures of him so that Mike could more easily find and catch and kill him. They were all about this and off they went with their little composition books to do their own mug shots, which we still have and are pictured below:

It took Bernadette a couple of tries.

Naomi went above and beyond the call and even did a little question and answer sheet as to the size of the fly,
as well as a map of the fly's various routes and then sketched out just about how fast the fly was going when she saw him.
 My favorite is the little drawing of the person seized by sheer terror and Naomi's directive to "RUN!!!" (see the big black arrow), giving you a good idea of exactly how they react any time they see one.

All this lasted roughly 10 minutes before they demanded that he be found and put to death, but it sure did provide some laughs for me and Mike.

2: We had a romping good time at our local homeschool group's All Saint's Day party, where the kids dressed up as the saint of their choice:
Saint Mildred, Saint Catherine of Sienna, Saint Lucy and Saint Joseph.
Bernadette received this set of Saint books for kids for her birthday, and in keeping with her mostly ultra-pious behavior, she looked for every woman saint in the books who looked like she was wearing lipstick or had pretty long hair, one of which was Saint Mildred. In the book she is pictured with beautiful braids and pink lips so Bernadette was completely set on being her, and I thought she'd be horrified to find that in real life Saint Mildred was a nun and is only ever depicted with her habit on-- no long hair, no lipstick, no nothing. I was sure she's go searching for another saint, but she surprised me by sticking to her guns, so Saint Mildred she was.

Lucy was completely unintentional with her squinty eyes in that picture, and was most excited about her eyeballs that she got to carry. This was year 2 of me drawing the stigmata on one of my children, it doesn't get less weird. I was most proud of my idea to sew those plush tools onto Joseph's robe, I felt really crafty with that one.

Moving on...

3: I overheard the girls the other morning-- before I had any coffee or had fully accepted the fact that I was not in bed anymore-- scheming about whether or not they could afford "a bed for 498 BUCKS", or a "couch with one of those things that you can put your feet up on". I peaked downstairs to see what the heck they were talking about and it turned out that they had gotten a hold of some throw- away ads that we get in the mail to a local furniture store and they were jotting down an extensive wish list. They were fairly confident that they could gather upwards of $1000 from their piggy banks to acquire some new home furnishings and then they were sorely disappointed when I broke it to them that they probably only have roughly $50 total in all three of their banks. In the end they compromised and found a fish tank that they are sure they're getting. After all, it is only...
I mean, it comes with a light!

SO basically, you get the idea. Life be crazy, kids be crazy, and neither of those things make allowances for things like blogging or "time to myself". Like, ever. Also, my babysitter had to quit and Lucy has suspended her attendance in Atrium, so those 2 precious quiet times in my week have up and disappeared. Alright, enough excuses, Ana, no one really cares.

Peace out, sistas, I hope to be back soon!


  1. We care. Hahah--love the bugs! Love your updates!

  2. Oh my gosh, the stigmata comment killed me! I would imagine that's a very odd thing to find yourself doing...! Ana, your update saved me from my usual wallow through self-pity at the dinner hour!

    1. Thank you, dear! And yes, stigmata on kids = weirdest Catholic mom thing I've done so far! 😭

  3. Hey, Joseph is officially walking! Woo hoo!

  4. Awesome bug story... I'll have to try that one

  5. hahahaha I could picture them combining all their funds for furnishings - those girls have plans. I also love the pictures - I've got some great ones hung up in the center of my fridge!

  6. Ohhhhhh....I love it when you post. ;-)

  7. I'm with you on the Miraculous Medal wearing after Blythe's post. :) And seriously great idea to have your girls sketch the fly!!!

  8. Haha your kids sound awesome. And I totally dug all our Miraculous Medals out after reading Blythe's post!

  9. Atrium -- 2 hours of peaceful bliss for myself. Now I'm a catechist and while I enjoy being a catechist, I miss my alone time!

    1. I know, it is the best, right!? I'm so sad she's done for this year, crossing my fingers for next...

  10. I'm laughing out loud–for real. The fly mug shots are hilarious, as is Lucy's face and the furniture shopping list. So glad you wrote this!