Friday, August 5, 2016


At the risk of total blog-neglect, I am going ahead and posting about Joe's 2nd birthday almost an entire week after the event- "bad-mom-blogger" is my middle name.

Since he is my first boy, every little milestone feels like he's the first born, sort of. It all feels really different and new, and since all my previous 2nd birthdays were full of baby dolls and princesses, having a 2nd birthday that was entirely Hotwheels-centered was so fun.

Joe LOVES his little Hotwheels cars. It is the thing he runs to in our play room before anything else. He recently started asking me to make a little slide out of our duplos for his cars to go down, so when I sat and thought about a gift he would like, a race car track seemed most appropriate. However, I had no idea how very complex race track making is if you go the Hotwheels route, and they don't really make toddler tracks for Hotwheels. BUT! When Mike showed me this not-so-little puppy on amazon...

made for Little People cars, but compatible with Hotwheels cars, I knew we must acquire it.
And then, then!!-- it was clearanced at Target-- in the store!! Coincidence? I think not.

He loved it, as did his sisters, who ever-so graciously gave him a turn or two (insert eye-roll emoji).

Mike found a pretty fabulous lot of "new" cars at a local thrift store too and although this picture is blurry it gives you a good idea of Joe's excitement when he opened each new bag of "MORE CARSH!!!",

Which is what he is excitedly screaming at Mike in the picture.

His favorite fruit is strawberries, so I went ahead and made the Pioneer Woman's Strawberry Shortcake recipe, thinking he would love it (but maaaybe more because I love it, double eye-roll emoji).
There was some confusion as to whether he was turn 2 or the legal drinking age. It's an exclamation point in case you're equally confused.

And of course he ended up refusing to try it and eating plain vanilla ice cream instead. Did I mention he just turned two? He is owning it like a boss.

Happy 2 years to you Joe, my sweet, sassy, hilarious first boy.


  1. He looks SO much like N!! As a mom of 4 boys, I'm nodding my head about all the cars and racing! Just wait until he discovers trains!

  2. I thought this was one of my kids birthday posts haha. Happy birthday Joe!!

  3. Oh yes.... trains trains trains....(they are actually quite fun) and then Legos :)

  4. Happy Birthday little Joe from Canada EH. You like Pioneer Woman and thrift store shopping, can we be neighbors ;)