Saturday, August 13, 2016

bears, baking and babies, oh my! (7 QT!)

How about some quick takes with Kelly (who I get to meet IRL soon!!) on a Saturday?

1) It definitely has not sunk in that we are residing in a different state yet. You would think that it would, what with being in a different home, surrounded by mountains rather than flattest of flat Indiana land. I just feel like I'm on a vacation where I seriously over-packed. However, I have definitely had several "We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto" moments since settling, not the least of which is our neighborhood bear that repeatedly gets into our trash. That's right, I said bear, not the standard squirrel or raccoon, but a legit bear.

2) I feel like the most BA housewife there is because I have TWICE now scared the bear away in the middle of the night. Never mind the fact that the only thing I did to "scare" him away was turn on our porch light. Never mind that.

3) I feel like I need to do a little explaining of the situation after my initial post wherein I complained a bunch about the crazy surprise wall colors in the house. You see, we bought this house without seeing it first. Cue all the horrified gasps-- I know, I know. It was crazy. But the house we were initially under contract for, the one that I actually got to see when we came here, fell through due to false information being filed by the tax company. So! at 37 weeks pregnant we needed to find a place to live and there were no reasonably priced rentals that would fit us and I was not about to send Mike a-house-hunting for fear of another early labor, AND this house was in the perfect location and had room for us so we sent our trusted realtor over to give us the skinny and it happened that he did not notice the pink and green walls. To his credit he was focusing on things like the roof, heating and cooling and actual bones of the house. Also, the family who sold it initially listed it back in 2014, which is when they posted the pictures of the place online. They took it off the market for a while, painted the heck out of it...

re-listed and never updated the photos. That should clear up the confusion. And the best part.... drum roll....

4) Mike fixed it!!

All done with house talk, on to much more important  stuff... TV.

5) I've become slightly addicted to The Great British Baking Show. It has fiercely awoken in me a strong desire to bake ALL THE THINGS!!!! I am currently working on this savory loaf, and would love to try my hand at a tart like this one, but first I must acquire a tart pan.

6) Shortly after settling in here I cracked a large piece of my tooth off whilst eating a pita chip and now I am in the market for a crown and potentially a root canal. I am legitimately terrified of both, almost as much as starting homeschooling back up-- speak words of comfort to me oh blog readers. I will never eat pita chips again.

7) I attempted to take some professional-looking pictures in our back yard the other day so that our frames could actually be updated, the results were less than impressive, but not a total fail.

And one ipad picture of a semi-smiley Fred:

Photographer of the year and certified bear- scare-er, that's me.
The end.


  1. The caramelized onion bread sounds so good! Ben would never let me bake it because, well, he hates onions. Love the photo of the kids - nice color choice!

  2. I've had both a crown and then a subsequent root canal through the crown in the same tooth. It wasn't awesome, but my dentist sure is, and she made it as painless as possible. The actual procedure was not painful at all - the temporary tooth was the annoying part, until the permanent crown was put on. All in all, my DREAD of the actual procedure was way worse than it was in real life. That's all I've got to offer!

  3. I've had a variety of crowns, and the best advice I can give is find a dentist who listens to you and makes you comfortable. My last dentist and his staff were so calm, kind, and professional - they made the ordeal very bearable. Also, see if there is a TV on the ceiling - it helps pass the time while you're being worked on. I agree the the temporary crown was more bothersome than the real deal. ( I cracked a tooth last winter - on an M&M - and recently had to 'fess up to the new dentist. So I'll have to have a crown again - I'm hoping to put it off until Xmas break. )

  4. I'm kind of terrified to start school again too. This newborn is going to make it tricky! You can do it!!

  5. You are just like Ma Ingalls!!! Also hurray for that gorgeous new paint :)

  6. Goodbye watermelon living room!

    We like the Great British Baking Show as well. It's all the fun of a cooking show without the hype that American cooking shows seem to have.

  7. Bear proof cans will be your friends. They are definitely not cheap but so worth it! I live in bear country, at our lake house they come right up to the back door and press their noses against the glass. I am happy to help and commiserate if you want! ;) Beautiful children!