Thursday, October 27, 2016

totes, plants and homeschooling miracles {early 7 for the win!}

Linking up with Kelly a tad early for a change.

1) One of the saddest parts about moving away from South Bend has been missing one of my very closest besties, Katrina. You probably know her from her stellar work in her Hatch Prints shop, (but if my some crazzzzzy chance you don't, go forth!), but I had the JOY of being good friends with her IRL, hence the sadness at not being within a 5 minute drive anymore. Anyways, she sent me this tote and I am in love:

It's new to her shop so if you're looking for a gift or just an awesome tote for yourself you should TOTES get at it. (winky eyed emojis all over)

2) Last weekend I got to go to a talk by a couple of ladies in the community here (one was my wonderful next door neighbor!) all about decorating and now I am kind of obsessed with finding small affordable ways to make this home prettier. It's a great house, but it's a little bit straight out of the late 90s, early 2000s. Since we bought for size and locale we kind of have no budget for decor whatsoever, but a little thrifting and spray painting here and there never hurt anyone.
I found this planter at a little local thrift store and see succulents were $1.30 a piece at the store (!!!) and I luuuuv them.

3) I am about to fall down the rabbit hole of spray painting as many of our some what horrible polished brass light fixtures as I can with 1 bottle of primer and 2 of paint. Mike is THRILLED at my new found enthusiasm (smell that? It's so much sarcasm).

4) I worked my behind off to try to get a cute picture of Fred for our Christmas card/birth announcement/moving announcement and in the end I got a bunch that I loved...

But I'm not using any for the card.
I would call it a waste of time except that I got this one of Fred and Joe out of it and I crack up every time I look at it.

5) My sister the Christmas Card Maker Extraordinaire did put together a super lovely little thing for us and lest you think I am actually on the ball for getting it done early (is this even early? we usually don't even do a Christmas card): this is a birth announcement. Fred was born in June. So no, I'm not. I love the card though:

I definitely recommend my sister's etsy shop cards or invites for all occasions, she's kind of a boss at it.

6) Bernadette is really taking off with reading and I have to say that teaching a kid to read feels just as good the second time around as it did the first.

No wait, it feels better because this time there was a pregnancy, a move and more kids around so it's basically a miracle.

7) I'm sure that was more than you bargained for, so... done!


  1. 11 years of homeschooling and I still say that teaching a kid to read is the BEST. It never lost its excitement. Glad you're getting settled in!

  2. Are you sure you want to post your home address to your blog? A little MS-paint censoring on that Christmas card might be wise!