Thursday, April 27, 2017

An Easter Blog Resurrection!

Dusting off the old Internet diary after exactly 1 month of a hiatus for what is sure to be nothing but excitement and adventure. Emphasis on nothing. Linking up with Kelly early for this blog resurrection!

1: Where do we even start? I don't know but isn't it great the Lent is finally *Over?!* It felt long, oh so long, and I am not even good at Lent- you know the sacrificing and mortification and what not. However, God knows that and always gives me a really fruitful Holy Week and this year was no different because I came down with the flu the Wednesday of that week, which forced our family to cancel our Easter trip back to see our families-- it was rough. Mike keeps telling me it wasn't technically the "flu", but the fever and chills lasted a full 5 days and were immediately followed up by the worst case of mastitis I've ever had. A very providential trip to the urgent care resulted in me begging the doctor to give me antibiotics for what I thought was a sinus infection, and despite her  reluctance I prevailed on her and literally 2 hours after returning home from the Urgent Care, it became 100% clear that it was a different kind of infection, but the antibiotics happened to be the exact thing I needed and within 2 days all was well. Anyways, I really stink at sacrificing and only do it when I absolutely have to and so this Holy Week/Easter was just what the doctor ordered. That and actual medicine. That was way more of a physical update than you bargained for, sorry.

2: We felt especially bad for the kids over having to cancel the trip, but an extremely fortuitous surprise softened that blow plenty for them:

A colleague of Mike's was looking to give his trampoline away and we jumped right on it (see what I did there?!)-- Mike had it up and functioning by the end of Holy Thursday, which made their Holy Week a tad less than penitential, but we'll give it to them since they're mostly not even at the age of reason.

3: We have some made some really incredible friends here and some of them happen to also be our neighbors and I feel so utterly and completely spoiled by this fact (holla Jess and Annie!). When one of the families heard that we had to stay here for the holiday they gave us a surprise Easter egg hunt in our yard on Easter morning-- the kids were so elated and we felt so loved (heart-eyed emojis and all)

4: Mike got yet another glimpse into The Crazy that he married over the past week because ..... BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw that a local family was giving some bunnies away and it was weird, frantic, bunny love at first facebook-photo sight. 4 trips to Rural King, more dollars than I was thinking, and soooo many precious nap time hours of staple gunning chicken wire to our gated garden later and "Jack Jack" and "Sherman McGregor" have a cozy shed/outdoor home with the Hahn family. I have, however, felt like this meme of Gob fits my decision to acquire bunnies better than any other decision in my adult life:

5: But Fred loves the bunnies!

6: I am loving discovering the various flowers blooming around our house for the first time.

7: I have started down the rabbit hole of reading The Well Trained Mind and gone a little batty with anticipation for what next year's home school will look like here. Holla at all you classical homeschooling peeps, most especially you, Kelly!!


  1. I read Well Trained Mind when I was first homeschooling, loved it, immediately felt completely inadequate, used some of it (I'm looking at you, Story of the World!) and did my own thing in other areas. If you want some really, great classical curriculum materials, look at Memoria Press. I'm SO in love with their stuff - when I first started they just did Latin and some literature. Now they have an entire curriculum and it's beautiful. Almost makes me wish I was starting over! But not really..! :)

  2. Ana, what a great blog. So glad the trampoline, egg hunt & bunnies entered during Holy Week. It sure did soften the blow.

  3. How do you get your bunnies from digging under the fence?

    1. I dug a trench around the perimeter of their fenced garden so that when I lined it with the chicken wire, the wire itself would go down several inches farther than the wooden fence, then I filled the trench back in after I stapled it up-- they'd have to dig pretty far down to get under the chicken wire. I'm hoping that and the fact that the clay soil here it so hard will make it too difficult for them, but we'll see!