Friday, June 9, 2017

Walmart, Wine, & Summer Sickies (7QTs!)

Linking up with Kelly! It's been a while.

1) I'd say I don't know where the time went but that would be a lie because I know exactly where it went:

I know the last thing you really care about is the time line of my baby's sicknesses, but that has never stopped me from over-updating you before, nor will it now. The last time I posted was May 30th, which was sweet baby Fred's second full week of sickness, 2 weeks before that post he got roseola (if you've never heard of it, it's nothing huge except that the fevers that babies get with it are scary high) and the week after that he got hit with a cold virus, which was also accompanied by fevers, though not as scary high. After my sister left all parties in our family affected by the cold got better... except Fred. His fevers persisted and then started to get higher, until finally a week ago I got him to the doctor where they discovered double ear infections, gave some antibiotics, which I figured would work within a few days-- but not so. The initial antibiotic did not work and his fevers just got higher and he was the most miserable human being on the planet. Long story {NOT} short, they gave a second antibiotic which kicked in within 48 hours and he is finally on the mend, after having a moderate to high fever for the better part of 3 weeks (and a totally confused, insane mom for the duration as well).

2) All that to say: a) sick babies are always the hardest, no matter how many you've had, and b) parents with children who are sick with frequency or have disabilities--- you are incredible, you are the most amazing people in the world. How do you do it? My heart broke and then broke again and then broke some more. Every instinct I had was wrong, I felt like I was parenting for the first time and I cried so much (me, not the baby. Even when the baby wasn't crying I was). And it was just viruses and ear infections. We have been so blessed to have healthy children and I am not grateful enough for that-- so the last 3 weeks has at least helped me to realize that and resolve to not take it for granted, it is such a blessing. It has also made me realize I will never have parenting figured out. Ever.

3) Onward and upward-- now that the baby is better and I can leave the house again I made a run to Walmart with the kids for 4 items that I forgot earlier in the week. I almost never take them to the store so they are always super excited to go (also I make it a point to always beg bakeries to give my kids free cookies so their excitement is pretty understandable). On this particular trip the bakery was giving away free Twinkies and since my kids had never had Twinkies before it was the best thing ever...

4) If you haven't watched this viral video of a toddler eating bacon for the first time you should go fourth and watch it and then imagine my kids being the same exact way over their first Twinkies. I might as well have flown overseas and taken them to a French patisserie and gotten them their first authentic chocolate croissant. Except, no, they would have liked the Twinkies better.

5) These 2:

They have perfected and daily execute the "love/hate" relationship so beautifully, it's absurd. I am sure that the gender difference (which is entirely new to me at this age) has everything to do with it but they will be hugging and laughing one second and tackling each other to the ground screaming the next. Vocal communication hasn't really entered their particular dimension of play yet, we'll get there.

6) Went to a winery with the kids today: sipped wine with friends while the kids climbed on giant rocks--

Now I am wondering why there is any other kind of play date at all.

7) I think I have put you through enough for today, have a great weekend!!

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  1. Taking kids to vineyards is THE BEST, unless you do what we did last weekend and forget our picnic basket and have no food for the kids... haha! Glad your baby is feeling better. I am a mess when my kids are sick!!!