Friday, May 19, 2017

another year down

Today marked the end of our official school year, so how about some celebratory quick takes with Kelly!

1) I had a meeting at the beginning of the week at the superintendent's office for the state to sign off on the older girls' school for the year-- I opted for this instead of testing since they're still so young. The girls came with me and I brought their portfolios and they had to bring a book to read aloud for some lady. I was super nervous about it because of the crushing self-doubt that accompanies homeschooling for me, but it turns out I am not screwing them up and they got the big OK to head to their perspective next grades!

2) I had already sort of planned for us to be done this week, but once the meeting was over on Monday the deal was sealed and I was completely determined to finish everything, which would not have been a big deal but then Fred decided to spike a relatively high fever Monday which persisted through Thursday, meaning he was up all night every night and I was a positively peachy teacher during the week. But we still finished! (And Fred is all better) We celebrated with a picnic with friends (some who also happen to be family) and we will continue the celebration with a family outing tomorrow.

3) Last year Naomi, Bernadette and Lucy had been taking ballet lessons with the parks department there in SB and they were all set to have their recital last May when we realized that we would be needing to leave town to house hunt in Virginia the same time as their recital. I pulled them out of the class and they had to miss their recital, which wasn't that big of a deal for the older 2 who had done one in the past, but Lucy was so upset to miss her "time on the stage!" I was a blubbering, pregnant hot mess and totally cried over her missing the recital, but I made it up to Lucy this semester with a different ballet class and her first ever recital tomorrow. She had her dress rehearsal yesterday and the older girls were basically green with jealousy over the fact that she got to wear makeup.
I need to work on my 4-year-old makeup application. Or maybe just never do it again.

4) I am sitting in some serious shock that one year ago tomorrow we were celebrating the sale of our South Bend home, and under contract to buy a home here, I was 34 weeks pregnant and would give birth 4 weeks later, and 3 weeks after that we would move to a new state for Mike to start a new job with a new born. I have felt a sense of accomplishment about lots of things in my life, but the sense of accomplishment I feel over not only not dying this past year is right up there at the top.

5) So that makes Fred Bernard a full-fledged 11-month-old and he is playing the part beautifully. His favorite toys are all the trash cans in the house and his favorite food is every non-edible thing he can find on the floor. He bites while nursing and is acting like he will wean real soon, which I am not entirely sad over (see beginning of sentence) but am still pretty weepy over (cuz I'm nuts).

6) I made the margaritas I was going on about (several times) and they were delish-- definitely recommend for the special occasion. I pulled a muscle in my forearm from juicing so many limes though so I think I will be taking a break from fresh and stick with the bottled mix for a while.

7) I did a little poll in the Facebook group for the CWBN Mid-Atlantic conference to see who is thinking about coming, but if perchance you don't have Facebook or aren't in the group and you're reading about it here and thinking about coming, please comment to tell me so I can pencil your name in!


  1. You deserve a spa weekend to beat all spa weekends for surviving the past year! I seriously get stressed out just thinking about all that you did. And Lucy looks beautiful! ������

  2. I'm so proud of you for not dying, educating your kids AND successfully doing recital makeup! You earned those margaritas! (Honestly, it can only go down hill from here. Keep the lime juice handy.)