Friday, November 24, 2017

thankful turkey takes

Linking up with Kelly for some Quick Thankful Turkey Takes!

1) First and foremost I want to say THANK YOU to you- my sweet blog readers- for your love, prayers and words of encouragement after my post about our sweet Agnes. I went back and fourth mentally for a couple of days about whether I should post about it and in the end I am so glad I did, God really provided so much comfort through the responses. Miscarriage is such a crazy thing- it happens to so many women-- so many women I know in real life and on through this internet community, but I would never have known how many of you have also lost little ones because it is something that is so difficult to talk to each other about. I discovered this really beautiful Instagram account called the Little Souls around the time of our miscarriage and I would highly recommend it for those of you struggling to find an outlet to share about your loss. I offered the difficulty for so many of you and felt so much peace in knowing so many of you were praying for me. Thank you so much.

2) I am so extremely thankful for this little break from school. I love homeschooling, really I do, but I felt like I needed this chance to do nothing even more than the kids, though I think the thing they are most thankful for right now is no school. Whatev. Fred and Joe are just bringing it with the "we're-going-to-sieze-this-chance-to-dump-EVERY-TOY-BIN-while-you-try-to-read-a-history-lesson-in-the-other-room" shenanigans. They are so cute but so very much 2 little walking heart attacks.

3) I am a little bit of a hybrid between Buddy Elf and Molly Shannon from The Santa Clause 2 around this time of year, and I am so thankful that Thanksgiving came and went because now I can decorate ALL THE THINGS!!! I actually did my mantle and door way on Wednesday because my parents were coming for the holiday and I just could not help myself. I break all of Kelly's rules, because I've always been a rebel, but I do try to limit the Christmas music until the feast day so that's something.

4)  My wonderful parents are here!!! I am so very grateful for their sacrifice in coming to visit our family for this Thanksgiving, it has been such a fun visit, so fun that we're barely thinking of taking pictures we are enjoying it so thoroughly. They are currently watching White Christmas with my kids while I listen for stirring toddlers during nap time. They are amazing people.

5) I am not sure if a Christmas card is anywhere in our family's future but I did want to get an updated family picture for framing purposes and so I am super thankful that my parents were here to help us on that front.  The kids actually cooperated- especially Fred- who said his own little version of "deeeeez!" for almost every shot. Joe tantrumed in between each picture but as soon as one of the adults said the word "candy" or "cookies" he snapped out of it and gave the fakest smile in the world.

This one is going on the wall post haste.

6) I am a little bit overly excited to get to baking Christmas cookies, these are my current fav (recipe thanks to my sister-in-law!) and I am so excited to make and eat all of them but I realize that this is several weeks away so for now just give me all of your fav baking recipes so I can at least start to compile a list so appease by Buddy Elf side for the present. Thank you!!

7) Happiest of Thanksgiving weekends to you and yours!

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