Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Kitchen Revamp

Nothings says "blog comeback!" like a post full of pictures of my kitchen. But seriously, it's been too long and I miss the blog and we just had our cabinets painted to that is basically blog content being handed to me on a platter and I have no excuse to not accept it and pass it on to the masses.

I have mentioned it before but I will say it again that our home hailing from the mid-90s is loaded with the honey-est honey oak-- in every room, every where. The wood floors are a honey oak and I don't mind it, but every vanity, every cabinet and even the fire place (not any more!!) are or were, the same oak color. It was too much.

From the first week that we moved into this house I was scheming about painting our kitchen cabinets. The kitchen is the room that you walk into right away in this home, and it is also the room I spend the vast majority of my time in.

And I hated it.

Every single day for the last year-and-a-half I would think about how much I wanted to paint the cabinets but it just wasn't in the cards, either because of budget or life craziness but FINALLY the stars aligned and the week after New Years it happened.

And so....


When I posted some initial before and afters on Instagram every single person thought I did this myself.

In 2 days.



My main criteria with this project was that I would not lose the use of my kitchen for more than 2 days, so when hiring a painter (I TOTALLY HIRED A PAINTER), I made sure that he would be able to finish in that time and finish he did.

We used to have this really crazy ugly florescent light (well actually LED, but totally looked florescent) and the top 2 things on my list of "things I want to update in this house" from the time we moved in were:
1) paint kitchen cabinets and
2) get new kitchen light
Do you see that thing? It was like a UFO landing in my kitchen every day.
No longer
Warm, non-florescent light- so glorious.

There are definitely other things that could stand to be updated in the kitchen-- the counter-top is a really cheap composite that is supposed to look like granite or something, but it has gouges all over it and the back-splash is not the greatest, but honestly, since painting the cabinets neither of them bother me in the slightest and so the rest of the updates may never even happen while we live here and I am totally cool with that.

I was also really pleased with my Pinterest inspired cabinet top decor:
Purchased entirely from the Goodwill + already owned those green orbs and cake plate and the Joseph.

I am super thrilled with how it turned out and get excited to walk into my kitchen now. I am one lucky lady.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I will not let a month and a half pass before I am back again!

For local peeps, I went with Dave's Custom Painting and was very pleased. They were very punctual and did a great job.


  1. It looks so great and is hopefully in my near future :)

  2. It looks amazing! I have told my husband this a million times, but I want to know who the master marketer of honey oak was in the 1990s and how much money he's worth now, because you'd think by looking at every. single. house. built. then. that honey oak was the only wood available in the world. ;)

  3. It looks great! Super updated. And I didn’t like the backsplash at all in the before picture, but it looks wonderful in the after picture.

    1. Ana, it looks fabulous! I'm so, so happy for you.

  4. I think it looks way better with the white paint!

  5. Amazing! What a difference!! And i was totally one of those who thought you were doing it your self! 🙃

  6. It looks SO good! You guys are really smart. I'm just now finishing paining our kitchen cabinets white (from honey oak too..ugh)and it's legit taken me a year to do all of them myself. (About 3000 nap times) Never again. Love!