Thursday, November 10, 2011

Baby date

Yesterday, Mike took Naomi for the morning and potty trained her. I have officially named him the "pee whisperer" because he is straight up amazing.
Since he took this on himself, I got to have the entire morning with Bernadette and it was lovely. We went to Panera for the breakfast, took a jaunt around Aldi and finally ended the date with a trip to the mall to retrieve aforementioned jeans and then some time at the same mentioned play place.

It truly was a lovely morning and I think that Bernadette especially loved it because this morning I was awakened at the ripe hour of 6:30 (after already having been up at 3 and 5, lest you think I am not enough of a martyr) just so that we could have another date.
She was being so sweet and fun and as soon as I stopped stewing over why she would wake up this early TODAY of ALL days, I actually had another nice little date with her complete with book reading (A rarity) and video taking.

Here is one for your enjoyment:

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