Sunday, November 27, 2011

fishy pants

Another fabulous post for my avid 3 1/2 readers (1 of which is my husband, the others I think are paid by him to read this).

We found out what the heinous smell attacking our house was. I feel a strange mixture of total embarrassment and pride at the fact that it was entirely my fault.
I had some ladies over for margaritas last week, an occurrence that may or may not be frequent, and since we needed ice (for the margaritas!) I had to move some things around in the freezer to make it, during which time a very old piece of fish in a zip lock bag was taken out and placed atop our refrigerator. A week or so later the fish had started to, as my husband says,  putrefy (I had never heard this word before, but it is fantastic), thus producing the smell of a rotting animal corpse throughout our entire house. Many details I am sure you did not care to know.

Moving on... I finally bought the replacement piece to my sewing machine and got to work on a pair of pants that I found during a little shopping spree at the local St. Vincent de Paul this afternoon. I have really been wanting some red pants, but since it seems a biiiit likely that red pants may not be as hot next fall as this one, I did not feel right about spending anything more than 1.19 on them. So I plodded out in the cold and rain today, crossed my fingers and what did I find whilst thrifting?!?!
these little guys!!!
I know they are more salmon than red, but I took what I could get for a little over a dollar.
I got to work and with one leg only slightly tighter than the other I came up with this:

With or without boots, with or without shoes
I know these are the very worst pictures on the face of the earth, but you're not a picky bunch. I will try to snap more when I fix the other leg and when our new camera cord comes in.

I really hit the thrift store jack pot today getting 2 pairs of pants (Gap and Landsend), 2 skirts, a pair of indutrial strength rain boots and some cute little wedge heel shoes. Plus 2 boots for one child and books for the other (so that I didn't feel so guilty for only buying things for myself) all for 16 bucks!!!
I win.

All this by way of saying, I love Sundays.

Happy Advent!

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  1. ah! I heart the pants. awesome job. I stupidly bought some red hots 1 week postpartum thinking they would fit 'any day now'


    hopefully they ARE in season next Fall.