Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ski-son's Greetings

This evening finds me watching old Christmas episodes of the Office (how the heck can anyone actually attempt to compare the old and new?!?! I try not to even watch the new ones anymore on principal), also drinking some wine by myself (again), and eating multiple Reese's cups by myself (again), and probably addressing Christmas cards (patheticville) while Mike crams about a thousand pages of writing into the next 2 weeks.
Anywho, our day was super exciting here as the girls broke in their new (or not-so-new) toys as most of them were thrifted and here is a little picture story board of that:
She would not let me put any other piece of clothing on this morning but this dress. Ridiculous.

double snow whites!

can you see the excitement?

She was given a toy microwave and some princess sets. Naturally she has been cooking the princess people all day.

I went ahead and stayed on the alteration train today and fixed up this sweater- also an old Gap goodie- but the tightest turtle neck ever:
Paired with previously altered red Gap pants
Mike highlighted how awkward I look in every picture I take of myself- I explained it is because taking pictures of yourself is really awkward and makes me embarrassed. And indeed I look awkward and embarrassed- I will work on it.

Now it has become a very loose, perhaps too loose, boat neck, but better than cutting off my air supply:
Mike took this one, it is a slight improvement in the awkward picture department.

 So we got past mid week and are now that much closer to Christmas break and some seriously needed family time.


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  1. YES! The new seasons of the Office suck! It's all about Season 2 and 3. And your girls are absolutely darling!