Friday, January 20, 2012

Just for laughs

Second post of the day = a weird mix of pride and embarrassment.

This post is really just to give you a little something to laugh at because I know that everyone could use a good laugh and I am always here to give the people what they want.

I keep looking down and catching a glimpse of myself and laughing and it dawned on me that you might too if you saw me.

I was awoken from my 15 nap by the worst napping children in the world, for real. And decided to dress for success:

"oh, you wanted to take my picture?"
I was hoping to workout while Naomi was in her room talking after a whopping 20 minute cat nap, but then Beezie began a marathon scream sesh and I couldn't take it.

So my plans changed but my outfit did not.

Workout shorts- Dicks clearance about 6 years ago, pretty sure they're walking shorts for old ladies; workout shirt- gifted from mother-in-law; cardi- old navy; crew socks- walmart; NB shoes- Vincent de Paul thrift store $3, that's right baby, high class

Over Christmas break my little sister made fun of me every day that she saw me about to go work out and after a few days of denial, I had to accept the fact that I look ridiculous. One day I will have money to buy expensive, cute work out clothes but until then... enjoy!

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  1. I might have to come to south bend just for the vdp. Amazing.