Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow blogging

Alright neighbor Greg, you win. I will never again attempt to nap as you have apparently memorized our nap schedules and will only run your unbelievably loud snow blower during this time- you must know that I am behind on blogging. I am flattered, I didn't even know you followed me! But for real, I think you should get the muffler on that thing checked. Enough.

So Mike and I sometimes act like chubby college girls and make ridiculously fattening desserts at night for fun and then eat all of it over the course of the next few days. 
Sometimes meaning almost never, but we did last night and this has resulted in me eating death by chocolate for breakfast and lunch today. Needless to say this is not helping with our post-Christmas weight loss endeavors. I think we are going to work on perfecting this one though, because it is pretty awesome.
our finished product
I think we'll use devils food cake with chocolate chips for the cake layer next time and I only had light whipped cream, which was a mistake because it's "death by chocolate" and anything "light" just doesn't fit in there.

I had a lovely long morning break today and went on a little excursion to the mall with a friend to hunt for boots (thank you Hannah). I found these and words can't express the shame I feel for buying anything with the brand name "Jessica Simpson". But they were cute and soooo comfy. I may return them though on principle, we'll see.

 What do we think?


  1. Love those!!!

    I have boots by Carlos Santana. Far worse.

  2. LOVE LOVE the boots!!! And even Jessica Simpson has to make money. Reward the talent behind the design rather than the name and just enjoy them! Especially with these:

    I'll probably end up buying these boots a couple years after the trend is over, but they're definitely on my list :)

  3. I have been looking for boots JUST like those. Ack! They are so cute!

    My hubby randomly made chocolate chip and walnut cookies tonight and I've already eaten 3. Or 7. Some number in there. Shame on him.

    Found you through Cari's Snapshots :)