Monday, January 23, 2012


Some random things I love:

1) A new found love of going to the grocery store at night. It was the most wonderful thing ever and I am a darn fool for waiting this long to start doing this. No kids, barely any people, great parking, overstaffed store so like 5 college students waiting on me at once (they were running around fetching me things like I was royalty). I almost stopped off for a beer afterwards because it just felt right, but I just ate a candy bar instead.

2) Blogging, what a great outlet, I love reading, I love writing, just love it.

3) My husband, not random, but he's just great

4) Fruit, the only thing that makes cold winters feel a leeetle teeny tiny bit like summer

5) My new new boots that I traded for the ones that I posted about the other day. I am the worst shopper ever and I am always second guessing myself and then returning things I buy, but I feel really good about these. I loved how cute the others were, but since we live in South Bend where rain and snow happen to reside, I felt it was better to get something more practical with some actual tread so I don't fall to my death whilst holding a babe.... (take a breath). Here they are, I love them:
also since I am rarely to be found in anything but jeans and an old sweater/t-shirt, these will be a much more natural fit

6) That my girls are best friends. This, my friends, is what I have been waiting for since the day Beezie was born and at the risk of becoming a ungrateful little brat, I must document how wonderful it is. Yes, they still have about 75 squabbles a day, but they LOVE each other. Naomi is constantly calling out for "Baba" (pronounced bay-ba, a name given to her by said older sister when she was very tiny), Naomi needs her to be by her side all of the time and Bernadette adores Naomi. There were so many months of Naomi being almost completely indifferent to B, and B just getting on Naomi's nerves, and me just trying to keep them apart to keep the peace. But now all of the sudden, the clouds have parted and they are the best of friends and can't be apart. LOVE it.
love to infinity

Ok, I will be done now. Check out Snap Shots from a Sunday over at Cari's awesome blog. She was so sweet to let me join in the fun and it is so fun to get a glimpse into so many other mom's days.

Good night, sleep tight.

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  1. love your blog name... and the boots... and your kiddos!