Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday brunch, a must


A month or so ago I started to make food in advance for us to eat after Mass on Sunday.
You see, Sunday morning/late morning/afternoon is always insane and all too frequently I end up with a migraine and ready to pass out from fatigue and famine.

I would wake up with the girls, take care of them as usual, but then have to hap to getting them ready for Mass, getting myself ready, feeding them, laying B down for naps time it just so so that she wakes up right before we leave for Mass so she is such a basket case. Then there is the task of gathering things to make them happy at Mass: juice cups, "mass" books and toys aka anything that mentions Jesus or anything religious at all. Finding their lost shoes, jackets, hats, tights- then loading them into the car and trying not to be the family that is always late, blah, blah, blah... Sundays are hard, they are hard for everyone with kids. I do not think I cherished those days of old when I could spend 45 minutes piking the cutest outfit, curling my hair, doing perfect makeup eating a good breakfast and then being so dumb and irresponsible with my money that I would happily go out to brunch and have someone else make me some food. ahhhh those were the days.

I always forget to eat breakfast and then we would get to the end of Mass and all of us are starving and we get home and there is no food. I usually go to the store on Mondays so Sundays are generally our most depleted day food wise, so then I would be hungry and angry. Hangry, you might say.

So a month or so ago I began preparing all the stuff for some sort of quiche the day or week before and either freezing or refrigerating the ingredients. Then I put it all together and bake it Sunday morning while the girls eat. I just use ready-made pie crusts and cook some sausage early in the week, separate it freezer bags and freeze it, I usually can get 3 quiches out of one tube of sausage. I also use bacon and ham sometimes, but Mike's fav is generally sausage. You could cut up any vegis you would want to use early in the week and freeze them and even shred all of your cheese at once and separate it into bags to use. I just find that there are tons of opportunities the other days of the week and never any on Sunday to actually do these things, so it eliminates the stress of the day that is supposed to be "restful". This way we can promptly inhale it immediately upon arriving home from Mass and all parties are happy and full... especially me.
and this one

You are probably more resourceful and a better SAHM than me and you have already figured this brilliant little idea out, but it has revolutionized our Sundays. 
The amount of peace that food brings me is, I am sure, disordered, but nonetheless, Sundays are a happier, holier day. Now I only have my kids to blame for my utter distraction during Mass since I am no longer scheming the whole time about what random food stuffs we could throw together to call it a Sunday brunch. Because, let's be honest, Sunday brunch is a must.


  1. This is an awesome idea! I've got to try it next week. Hopefully it will stop all the whining for Mickey D's (or any other fast food restaurant) from my kids the entire drive home! Fear not, kids, brunch is on the way! :)

  2. Just stopping in from Sunday Snapshots. Glad to find you here in the blogosphere. Nice to meet you! :)