Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some things I did today

Took down our Christmas decorations and deep cleaned our house, organized my mess of a closet, began compiling homeschooling materials to start doing with Naomi when she turns 3, hung beautiful picture frames on our walls in our new basement so that it is finally finished, by now you should have caught on that I am lying and did none of these things today...

But we did have a fun day. First we went to Starbucks and got some delicious donuts and coffee, it really set the stage for our Saturday excursion. Then we went to the library where we got a plethora of books on tape and listened to a bit of a beautiful live concert going on in the library lobby- random. Then we snatched up a pass from the library for the History museum, our new favorite place (lest you be duped into thinking we are actually cultured or educated, there is a phenomenal kids play place in the basement of the museum, hence our frequent trips). It is the best:

there is a canoe

and a stable with hay and rocking horses
And an entire mini pioneer village with a little house, a one room school, a post office, a blacksmith, and a store... oh and a covered wagon... and fake hills with a little lake where they can fish for magnetized fish and cook them over a fake fire and there's a tepee. And you get in free with a library card. free. Yet ANOTHER reason you should all move to, or at least visit, SB. Moms and dads can just sit on the benches right there in the middle and let their children run wild and do anything (anything but take the hay out of the stable, you MAY NOT take the hay out of the stable- they are serious about this.) So I sat and drank my starbucks and ate a donut- bliss. We made it home in one piece with only one major tantrum throwing event from the Nomes on our way out but luckily the staff lady came to the rescue with a snowflake made out of q-tips and everyone was happy.

While the wee ones napped I busied myself finishing up altering another pair of old college jeans from Gabriel Brothers, if you've never been to one you have not lived. They're flashy and they have diamonds on them, that's right diamonds:
So here they were the other morning
fresh out of bed with pajama shirt and bed hair
and now they are better, not great, but better
dressed in every day clothes
dressed in something I would never actually wear

While I was sewing these Naomi made her first honest to goodness pun. She looked at me and said "you're sewing jeans. mommy, you're a jean-ious" then burst out laughing, it was awesome. 

Alrighty, and lastly (you did not think you were in for such a looong mother of a post, I am killing like 5 birds with one stone)... we had some fantastic friends over last night and my dear friend Megan was donning what was, in my opinion, the cutest little handmade hair clip I had ever seen. And since my hair is at a super awkward stage where it doesn't fit into a normal looking pony tail and if I don't flat iron it I look like a grungy teenage boy, I have been wanting some cute hair accessories. Every time I go to the store I stand in the isle with the hair clips for at least 5 minutes and pick out a few cute clips and then put them all back because they are so darn expensive. Anyways, I tried my hand at this little fabric number and came up with this.
It is not that great good, but I am going to work on it, like maybe by purchasing some cute colorful fabric and using that instead of this brown on brown combo. Megan's was waaay better, but it is something and it works.

To those of you that stuck out this, I commend you. Good night and God speed.


  1. Okay, when I started reading I was all "Holy cow, she rocked it out today....!" and then I was like "Oh good, now I won't feel so bad...." and then by the end I was like "Hey, she actually did rock it out and what happened to the part about making me feel better about myself?????".

    Love that clip and that pun. Awesome!

  2. I was about to hit u up for your secret to getting so much stuff done with two kiddos and then breathed a sigh of relief that my house hasnt been deep cleaned since... well, ever. thank you for that. wish we had museum that was like that or even half as cool but free!!!! love the hair clip!