Sunday, February 5, 2012

$3 goodness

I was at Walmart last week shopping in their sewing section for some different fabrics for my clips when I spotted what I thought was the some positively fabulous fabric that I wanted most desperately but did not buy because the price tag was torn off. I pretty much couldn't stop thinking about this fabric and so I made up an excuse that made it so that I had to go back. I went straight to the craft section, and asked for the price on the fabric- $1.50 a yard!!! I quickly purchased a couple yards and had great plans to get home and use this tutorial posted my the lovely Grace. I know, I know, I am really overdoing it in the scarf department, but this one was going to be the BEST of all of them!
Here is the fabric- if you can't see how wonderful it is, just trust me.

Ready to sew...
But then my sewing machine broke. I thought all of my hopes and dreams for the fabric were shattered and I was seriously sad- like I almost cried I was so sad. I was not ready to face this reality so... I decided I would wear the fabric as a scarf without sewing it and no one would be the wiser, except my husband... and everyone reading this.
I had already cut the fabric into the long tube that would just need to be sewn together for the scarf, so instead of sewing it, I just used some safety pins, and voilĂ :
pretty pink scarf
 This is a DIY project that virtually anybody could do.
One day when I get my machine fixed I will actually sew it, but I don't need to wait until that day to drape myself in this luscious fabric, and I won't!

Stay tuned for the giveaway winner this evening!! (I wanted to give everybody a last minute chance.)
Happy Sunday!

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  1. amaaaaazing.

    broken sewing machines are the absolute worst. WORST.