Friday, February 10, 2012


After highlighting yesterday how difficult it can be to have children and how challenging it is, on every level, and how crazy and ornery kids are, (I realized today that that post may have made some people a bit terrified of having offspring of their own, not my intention but nevertheless a possible outcome- good thing so few people read this! Sorry if I did that though) Anyways, after all of that semi-complaining, I was in the kitchen cooking or something and all was quiet for what felt like a long time and I figured someone had spilled their drink all over and was lapping it up like a cat, but then I looked out to find this:
Reading peacefully together. The cups of hot chocolate perched in each of their laps are not hurting. Not at all.
And then the sun was out so I got to enjoy some of these fantastic smiles:
umm, she was smiling, but she just refused to look up...
And then sometimes your kids do this:

Bernadette insists on draping herself in as many layers of clothing that will stay on her sometimes, I don't know what this indicates developmentally, but it makes for some funny pictures.

And then after procrastinating all day about working out, wearing my fitness clothes all day to try to motivate myself, I finally got it together after the girls went down which is unprecedented, and did WEEK 4 of this:
I feel like an all star.

And now I wait eagerly for my parent's arrival for a fun weekend visit. Hurrah!


  1. Every time I read one of your posts I wonder... how old are your girls and how far apart are they? Mine are 26 months and 13 months (15 months apart) Sometimes I feel like I am looking into a mirror when I read your blog. :))

  2. Are you ripped now, Ana? I bet you are! =). Your post was not scary! I myself remember a lot of the trials my own Mom had when we were small..but when I look back I really only remember the really great things about when we were all little. It's like you said in your post about the things they'll remember! If anything your last post was just downright honest, and that is nice!

  3. I bet time flies!Thats why I'm not gonna have any babies now that I'm doing my phd..
    I'm following your blog, visit mine and return some love back if you like it :)

  4. ana,
    that is awesome! i totally thought that workout picture was of you!! ;) i love hearing about your life and your children, and i love seeing their sweet little faces. i wish i lived next door!