Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pajama Pant Scarf

I am not sure which one I am more obsessed with currently: hair clip making or scarf making...
I blame this one on Mike though because I was about to throw out this old pair of pajama pants yesterday (which, incidentally I had been wearing around with an enormous hole in the behind for who knows how long, embarrassing - pun by mike)
these were an old pair of Mike's pants that I shrunk in the wash and since I was worried about being too feminine, I decided these would work just great for me! (joking)

Anyways, I was about to throw them out and Mike said "why don't you make an infinity scarf out of them..." Wait, what? Did Mike just suggest that I make an infinity scarf out of an old pair of pants? I think I have dragged him a wee bit too far into this blog world or looked at pinterest around him too much. Either way, he was right, it was a great idea.
Although in the end I do think that it just looks like I have draped my neck in men's sleepwear. I have never owned a more comfortable scarf.

I just cut the legs off, trimmed and sewed up the sides to make the fabric more even, then sewed the 2 tubes together. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Because I am all too embarrassed of taking pictures of myself and the weird faces I make when doing so
I have just decided to cut off my face. 

 There you go.

And for those who like to see gratuitous pictures of my children:

I do not know nor to I care why the weather has been so glorious everywhere in January, I am just happy.

I will keep the giveaway open until Sunday, I am looking forward to crafting some cute clips for a lucky someone!


  1. Hey Girl!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog (I keep telling Grace that I PROMISE I will of these days!).
    I can't wait to read your blog and "catch up" with you.
    Hope life is going well for you!
    God Bless~ Joanna