Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rock slide

Today I woke up with my 2nd cold in 3 1/2 years of marriage. I knew that eventually all of my annoying bragging about my rock solid immune system would come and bite me in the bottom, no I didn't actually think it would. I am a bit of a baby whenever I do get sick since I never do, so I pampered myself today.
Dinner literally thrown in crock pot and fake homemade bread
Once I stopped pouting on my bed and got myself together this afternoon, I took the little tykes outside to "muck" around in the mud and rocks and what not, and mucky it was.

I also decided to finally alter the last of my thrifted men's button down shirt collection. It was the one I wanted to do the most because I can wear it under my fav mustard sweater.
And... that's about all. I am off to sleep off this plague,

Here's another pic of the cutsie hair clip I will make for you if you win my little giveaway!

It's open until Sunday, good luck!


  1. ah. I hope you feel better soon! I too think that I am blessed with the immunity of a horse ...

    I love the alteration and those boooots! I love them. and the shirt and the jeans and the hairclip and everything.

    ok thats it.

  2. Ana I am so impressed by the outcome of the aforementioned day! Seriously...that is NOT fake bread :) Plus...I am really liking the alteration idea. I'm going to go scout out some of Josh's shirts stat.