Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weekly story board

 When my kids get colds, they generally leave you thinking that they've probably come down with some nasty plague, or scarlet fever, something most definitely life threatening.
So we have been spending the week in almost total isolation, save for several titillating trips out to the doctor, a nasty government building and the store: and these truly were some of my weekly highlights.
 The week has also included one late night run to CVS for another humidifier...
very little house cleaning...

many visits from my counterpart from his basement office to help me in my numerous moments of desperation...
 one constantly trantuming toddler
 and another
and chex all over the floor.

so awkward
I am still here and happy, or maybe it's just the la croix, or the donuts we got at the store... Grace's recent post on surviving the craziness of 2 under 2 was super helpful too. Either way, things are looking up.  Thank you Thursday.

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  1. OHMYGOSH. We have that IDENTICAL pine paneling all the way down our hallway. We're wall twins!