Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Perfect Mike

I am well aware of the fact that my dear husband is not actually perfect, but seriously, he does come close. Maureen's hilarious post got me in the mood to try to work on being a good wife but it's hard when your counterpart shows you up so frequently. I bragged up a storm about him in this post if you're interested in some deats behind why he is so spectacular, but for now here are some photos that capture for me this morning why he is so grand:
The poor picture quality does not really show you how great the house looked this morning as a result of him staying up late cleaning
 and folding laundry(there was a lot)
any mess here is mess that I have already made by 7 a.m., pathetic.
Yes folks, he is a gem, a real gem.
Most recent picture of me with him, and his mom as a bonus! It turns our that his parents are actually more tech savvy than me (that doesn't say a whole lot as I am barely past the ancient days of flip phones). This is from this past weekend's in-law visit- it was glorious.

Lastly, here is all that I can remember from his knock off of one of those "If you take a mouse to the movies" books that he made up for Bernadette last night, highlighting of course his stellar fathering skills:
"If you give a Bernadette a leg (?), she'll want some ranch to go with it (Naomi inserted the ranch part). If you give her some ranch, she'll probably want a t-bone steak so you'll have to get her one. If you give her a t-bone steak, she'll want a baked potato. When you give her a baked potato she'll start speaking with an Irish brogue..."
Here it got a little confusing and B leaned back and smacked her head on the table, but it went on for a little while after he consoled her.

I will be done bragging now, it's nauseating, I know. SO I will leave you with a picture of his sweet offspring and be done with it.
He didn't really contribute to how cute they have been this morning, but he did help make them. Good work, I think.


  1. Good husbands are such a gift. They keep us grounded, happy and feeling oh so blessed. I find that I appreciate and love my husband even more after seeing him with our baby Moo.


  2. Such a blessing to have a husband like that! I fall in love with my a dozen times a day for the way he cleans our house (even when I made the mess) and plays with our kids! Love it!