Thursday, April 12, 2012


My biggest fan and stud of a husband (in blogging and in life) after reading my post yesterday awarded me with this:
during one of his "study breaks" upstairs to say hi to me and tickle the girls, or was it the other way around? yikes, so weird. Anywho, it certainly made me smile and has continued to do so all day, I think I will never take it off of the fridge regardless of people's weird looks. Who am I kidding, what people??!?

Right and so today we are heading back to the Ville (our home town, short for Steubenville, OH) for the wedding of one of Mike's long time friends and some fun with the fams of course. All this means is that I have a crap load to do and instead I am blerging about about certificates and the delayed fun with Easter stickers the girls had this morning (well the fun wasn't delayed, but giving them the stickers was):
they. both. smiled. at the same time. this is monumental.
And to show that I am not a total slacker, here are some things that I have accomplished today:
  1. ate a hot dog
  2. cleaned the bath room. whhhaaaatttttt!!!!!
  3. ate cereal, like 3 times
  4. packed a leeedle
  5. gathered snacks for me us to eat in the car
  6. read all unread items on my google reader (this fill me with a great sense of accomplishment and sadness at the same time...)
  7. took out the trash
  8. checked FB like 12-22 times
  9. took Mike to campus
  10. thought about cleaning the other bathroom
And now that you have enough unwanted info about me to get you through the weekend, I will be back Monday with some fun weekend updates and more much not needed information.
Keep it real.


  1. hahah. I love that. Go Mike!

    You did do WAY more than I do on every nonsick day which is every day in my life.


    Have fun in the ville!!!!

    And Bernadette looks SO cute in that photo.

  2. Love this. Also, I guess I'll be seeing you over the weekend, assuming Mike's long time friend is the same as Chris' long time friend, that is.

  3. I am so Jealous of your clean bathroom.... and getting to eat a hotdog...and your certificate!!!

  4. I know Mike is from Steubie, but were you raised there too? I ate so many hot dogs when I was makes cute babies :)