Friday, May 18, 2012

7 quick takes: excitements and dreads

 I realize that this is all to similar to my "love/hates" edition of last week's quick takes, but I also realize that is doesn't matter, and that if there isn't some sort of logic to my quick takes I cannot participate in them as it makes me nervous and twitchy. So with this in mind, here are some things I am excited about in the coming weeks and some that I am dreading (in no particular order):

1) Super excited that I get to use my groupon that I bought for a pretty cheap hair cut and style this afternoon by MYSELF...
2) Dreading having it cut and styled by a man whose name I cannot pronounce and who was pretty awkward on the phone with me while I made the appointment, and I do not use awkward lightly here folks, he was super weird. And it was only a phone conversation. And the groupon is for a 45 minute cut, meaning there is no way I can get out of the awkwardness any faster than 45 minutes and it will probably go longer since he seemed like a BIT of a talker. Alright, I am done with this one.

3) Very excited for the upcoming nuptials of my sister-in-law to a fabulous guy next weekend. We leave Wed to begin the festivities and will return the next Wed after. Within this one I will say how stinkin excited I am that Hannah (said sister-in-law) will be living HERE in the Bend for their first year of marriage, always a fan of family in town and so excited to get to be around them during their newlywedship.
Hannah and Mike, because I could not easily find one of the 2 of us.

 4) Dreading 2 things about the upcoming event. 1) My matron-of-honor speech. Oh, did I not mention I am the MOH? Because I am. And there are something like 400 peeps coming to this thing. And I have nothing planned yet (don't freak Hannah, I am gonna nail it).
yeah, gonna nail it
5) and 2) (second part of 4, but I am not going to waste using up another quick take) Dreading that I realized this morning that I failed to mention to the seamstress at my dress fitting that I need some straps added to my dress. One week away from needing straps added and no one else but me knows that this needs to be done. No good. Again, don't freak out Hannah, I got it. I have about 7 plans in my head of how I will get some straps added to this dress. Seriously, I could have done a quick takes just about that, but I think that would have been lame.

6) EXCITED times 25 about the fact that Mike and I booked a hotel in this town in June (I will not tell you which weekend for fear that you will come and crash our party). My parents are coming to watch the girls for us so we can have a night away. By ourselves. I get a little short of breath with excitement just thinking about it.
7) As of late Bernadette has been just about the clingiest baby ever to toddle the earth. When I go from one room to another she weeps like I am being taken away for a life sentence never to see her face again. Therefore, I am dreading (just a little) leaving her for the night. I just don't want her to think that I have abandoned her and then have issues the rest of her life leading to undue angst and bitter feelings toward me for the rest of her life. That's all.

And so there you go, lot's so look forward to, a little to be scared of... man I had like 5 more I could have added, maybe I will do a sequel soon. But for now, go visit Jen and read some undoubtedly better quick takes here.


  1. I am not remotely concerned - you have rocked as MOH and even if straps failed or the speech was one word I'd still be thrilled :)

  2. She's so cute! And just read a magazine during the whole haircut....but I want pics after!

    P.S. I am still waiting for the baby gender email...

  3. I'm sure you'll rock the toast. And hooray for weekend getaways! Bernadette will be fine, don't let mommy guilt ruin your time away. Have fun at the wedding!

  4. ooooo SO jealous of that night away. But you two totally deserve it -- enjoy!!!!

    Kids are SO much better behaved for anyone that is not their parent anyway --- so sad and so true.

  5. A getaway!! Soooo awesome :) And good luck with the haircut. I am so anti-social that, rather than find a new hair stylist, I just started cutting my own hair last year (and now I have extra money for boxes of wine.) I agree with Colleen - grab a magazine before he starts!!

  6. I'm giddy for you and your night alone! Tonight we're at home but only have half our children with us, and even that seems like some kind of vacation :)