Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Children at play

Mike finished his last paper of his last year of course work for the rest of his life last night, or this morning, at around 3:30. YEEEHAW. This happened after a bed time of 4:30 the previous night working on the same said paper. His wifey (me), on the other hand, has been sporting wake times all too close to my husband's bed times due to a certain scary 3-year-old who, now that she can open her door, runs into my room at the ripe hour of 5:30 a.m. ready to start her day. Every. Single. Morning. Almost.

I am supposed to be napping right now while Mike gallivants all over town with both girls, but I couldn't sleep and my mother always said "when you can't sleep, blog". Lies, she probably still doesn't know quite what a blog is.

So as a result of the insanely early mornings, our morning play time often consist of something like this:

In case you can can't tell from at least a couple of these pictures, Bernadette is not actually tired since she sleeps until a reasonable hour of 7:30-ish as opposed to her wannabe nocturnal sister who is really completely exhausted:
I could write many tales of this difficult sleeper, but I will instead give you a little sneak peek at our babe in utero who was engaging in her/his own play time during an afternoon ultrasound (I don't know how much one can "play" inside a uterus)
The ultrasound tech put "yoga baby" on the top picture since the baby's foot is on top of the head (I love this tech, she is awesome)- so the baby was actually playing, sort of.

Also, we may or may not (MAY) have found out the gender of this baby today, but since this was only a 16 week ultrasound, I will hold off until the next one confirms what we pretty much know and then I will bust it out into the blogosphere.

I know you are all dying, literally dying to know, but I think you'll make it.


  1. Uuummmmm. You are Cruella.

    Yes I am actually dying.

  2. Boo to early waking but yay for the playing baby!!! I really can't wait to know the gender either!! I'll make it though, I'll have to, right? ;-).

  3. Ah, the SAME thing happened to us at our 16 week appt last week! They told us to come back in 2 weeks and I don't know how I'll make it! So exciting...can't wait to hear your good news!

  4. Nope, I won't make it. Email me, pretty please? I won't tell. Pinky swear.

  5. I am just literally lying here with nothing to do but think about the sex of your baby....email me too and I will rig a giveaway for you... jkkk ;)

  6. We are so proud of Mike (& You!) for all the work going in to this degree. Cannot wait to meet our newest family member!

  7. Oh, I do love knowing the gender in advance! So exciting!

    Blessings...your growing family is beautiful.