Friday, May 11, 2012

Love Hates

Joining Hallie over here for some quick takes and keeping Jen in my prayers today.

1) Hate: as recently mentioned my 3 year old figured out how to escape from her room which has been a source of much frustration and fear this past week and has generally been causing more sleep loss than my pregnant little big body can handle. Most nights it was sleep loss due to sheer fear of seeing her in the doorway with her blanket draped over her head like a ghost, which is her preferred way to exit the room. Great. I am working on the irrational fear.

2) Love: that last night was a vast improvement and found me waking this morning without being on the verge of tears because of how tired I was. Thank you over-the-counter sleep aid that made me too tired to think.

3) Hate: my new pregnancy diet. I think fat and happy is the way to be, but since I am sure my doctor will disagree, I will push through.
nasty and nasty's brother
4) Love: my recent reception if these:
from my sweet mother-in-law
and a starbucks gift card from my mom for mother's day. Best moms ever.

5) Hate: that while I began a super fun sewing project this week, my brand spanking new sewing machine is already not working. I JUST took it out of the box. Grrrr.

6) Love: that I figured out how to block my troll this week, thanks to all who helped me out on the old FB, always a faithful help in times of need.

7) Love/dislike (because it just didn't seem right to start and end with a hate): I am super duper excited that I can feel new baby nubbins moving all around, and there is ALOT of moving going on. This brings me to my dislike, which is that the kick boxing session was the only thing that actually kept me up last night despite my medicated efforts to sleep. It is worth it, for now.

That is all for now, have a splendid Friday!!


  1. =) Nasty and nasty's brother, you know how to make me laugh!

  2. So disappointing about the sewing machine! New things should just always work. All of your "popular posts" links make me want to spend my day reading your archives.

    My Quick Takes is here:

  3. Oh I IMPOLORE you to throw away nasty and nasty's brother!! If you can't eat butter and a real egg while you're pregnant, you are suffering a fate worse than death!! Also, during my Bradley Childbirthing class, they talked a ton about the complete egg being so super nutritious during pregnancy that women should have at least 2 every day! And that funky butter spray isn't going to get you anywhere - except angry and craving M&M's :) At least you aren't having as many food aversions now???

  4. That is tragic about your sewing machine. I was getting all excited for your awesome project too!

    I haven't had a chance to look at it yet, but Craftsy is offering a FREE course called "Sewing Machine 911". There classes are top notch, so I imagine that this one is as well.

  5. Love the loves. Hate the hates.

    I've found Googling my way into (crazytown) seeing machine fixit forums is helpful!! But maybe it's a big fix.